Then support Hydrogen.

Toyota plots ‘society-changing’ fuel-cell car for the masses…

@1 Hydrogen?

Oh, the humanity and all the passengers screaming around here.
Rick Larsen = democrat.
Crazy Eddie. Switching loads from rail to trucks help the environment makes zero sense, although I'm sure she does have the truckers support.
From the article you linked to: "One-person crews would not be allowed to operate trains transporting large volumes of ethanol or crude oil, BNSF spokesman Andy Williams said. Two-person crews would remain the standard for such trains, he said."
@1, because hydrogen is not only more flammable than the oil in these cars, but is held under high pressure as well! Little bombs, driving around freely on the roads without even rails to restrain them -- what could possibly go wrong?
@1: Where are we going to get all the electricity to extract your hydrogen?
This is so cool. I love this woman!
@7, he's already said. He's cornering the market on AAA batteries.
FFS, just run this crazy bitch over and get back to business
@1 is full of shit and has been schooled/debunked on many previous threads... Don't feed this troll!!!
It's a waste of time and money to block the trains. They will continue to haul oil and these protesters will be forgotten.
@12 We have to start somewhere, and when electoral politics aren't accomplishing anything, direct action is warranted.

If direct action is warranted, then direct action against hydrocarbon consumers is the only direct action that will have any effect.

Doing direct action against transportation of fuel is a cowardly refusal to confront the source of the problem. You can call them "activists" when they take direct action against the consumption of heating oil. Until then, they will look to me like ineffectual, self-aggrandizing dilettantes.
@14 the target of their actions are appropriate. Mere consumers do not have the power to shape the industries from which they have choice to consume from. Just like a commuter can choose to ride a bike but only government entities can build more bike tracks
I wonder how all these protestors got themselves and their equipment to the site of their protest? Could internal combustion and fossil fuels have possibly played a roll in their transport to the site? Hmm....
Robotslave - I hope you have a plan to become an activists against consumers of "heating oil". Possibly start a fundraiser to help those consumers who are unable to afford to convert to maybe sun panels. Start a petition to our government to outlaw oil furnaces. You see - there are many different ways to be an activists - to save our environment - and educating the consumers is certainly one of them - a big one. But going at it publicly as these individuals have has started a conversation with some people that would not be talking about it at all. Don't forget these Bakken crude oil trains are also known to be highly explosive and have killed people and damaged millions of dollars of structures. We can not turn a blind eye to this issue either.

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