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Records Show a Major Bill Had All Financial Pledges Removed


...because heartless profit-lusting capitalists are threatening to destroy yet another beautiful city and region in their desperation to conquer, pillage, and rule the world?
... because no one cares?

... because a lot of people think the BMP is a demo-catering vehicle of an ex-mayor and well-heeled lobbyists?

... because, despite the fact that the "war on cars" is vastly overstated, the sentiment remains that actual traffic improvements are being ignored?
Go suck a bong you Bill O'Reilly in birkenstocks MF!

If you're privileged enough to afford to live in Seattle and privileged enough to have a job within a bike ride, then you should STFU and focus on more important social issues!

Nobody cares about bikes 9 months out of the year, and only a handful of residents care the other 3 months. You are doing yourself a disservice by continuing on with this story. Millions of dollars on bike lanes that remove traffic? Are you insane?! Mike McGinn wanted it!! Mike McGinn wanted it!!!

Go stick McGinn's bike pump up yer arse. You used to be the only reason I read the Stranger. Now you are the reason, after two weeks of this ridiculous coverage, that I will NEVER READ THE STRANGER AGAIN!!
Dominic...are you high? It sounds like you think the Council should spend $20 MILLION a year on bikes. Is that right? Are you out of your mind?
"Bike Safety improvements" should be also exercised by bikers themselves.

As a biker, maybe not a real hard core yet enough to know what I'm talking about, I know how vulnerable I am and take extra cautionary steps.
I don't zig zag between lanes, I slow down if a car stops ahead of me knowing the door may open soon, I obey ALL traffic laws, and have also rigged few lights on my bike to make sure I'm visible to other vehicles. I also use a helmet at all times.

Yes, there are asshole drivers out there. Unfortunately there are also quite a few ignorant, arrogant, rightous bikers as well.
1. The Bicycle Master Plan was in the works for years, far pre-dating McGinn.

2. "Road diets" which also pre-date McGinn are about traffic calming, not bicycles. The bicycle lanes are there because there is extra space when 4 lanes are turned into 2 lanes plus a turn lane. Data show that the configuration cuts down on speeding and car/pedestrian accidents.
@6 You're totally right, you know what cuts down on speeding...creating additional traffic, which is exactly what these so called "road diets" do. It's a marketing term used by the biking gestapo to gain more ownership of the roads, that's all it is. They live in the city and want cheap commuter options, they don't want to buy a car because there's nowhere to park. In other words, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES and FUCK EVERYONE WHO HAS TO COMMUTE, because for some reason BIKERS ARE SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE AND THEREFORE DESERVE SPECIAL LANES. And as an added bonus you get bike lanes that NOBODY EVER uses...yeay!!!

How many people are using the new bike lanes on Broadway...uh, huh..that's what I though. Waste of money and added that's how Seattle governs!! WEEEE!!!!

This BS has been going down in other cities for many years, but they happen to have more months of clear weather. This is just another Seattle canard brought to you by Bill O'Reilly in Birkenstocks (TM), thanks Dom!
@02 jenc01: That was the point I was trying to make---that bike, driver, and pedestrian safety issues are indeed, being shamefully ignored while profit-lusting developers and special interest groups have taken over and are threatening to destroy Seattle.

One day when you grow up and are forced to leave the city due to crime, traffic, high costs and insane taxing levels, remember who made it all happen: you.

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