"there are a few of things that, ideally, I'd like to see happen here"

And I'd like free ice cream and some oral sex, in that order.
Legality and Ethics are rarely the same thing.
an integral part of the bad-ass Wedgwood modernist intersection containing the NE branch library and the Unitarian Church.

will any non-profits that turned it down go on record as to why? i'd imagine it's upkeep expense.

it will get demolished sure as the sun rises in the east.
@1. Exactly.
I've been pretty critical of Ansel before but he does a nice job here covering the bases on this story.
This would be a good opportunity for the city to get into the affordable housing biz - create an agency and buy this building.

What's the alternative? Like, keep the sale locked up in court until all the residents die of old age and then who cares?
can someone explain why Seattleites use the word 'needy' to refer to people who benefit from social services or charities? I've noticed that people in other parts of the country tend to prefer words like 'disadvantaged' or 'poor' which seem more specific and less derogatory...
You demand to live in Ballard, Fremont, The Hill, and you want reasonable rent? Talk about "entitled", you need to get a grip. Go live in the South End.
@7: I hear you on this!
Ugh. Only place I can afford in Seattle anymore is a flophouse in the ID. But at least it's a convenient walk to heroin. Might as well move to fucking NY and be poor there. At least they have rent control, not to mention a cooler everything.
I live in North Beacon Hill. You can get into a 1 br, 600sf for $1500. Cheaper if you're okay with roommates. How much are you paying elsewhere?
Excellent article on housing prices and density:…

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