OPA Director Pierce Murphy shows off the big new logo on the wall as you come in.
  • Ansel Herz
  • Office of Professional Accountability Director Pierce Murphy shows off the big new logo on the wall of the agency's brand new location: 720 3rd Ave., 18th Floor.

The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) has moved out of its old split office (which was partly at SPD headquarters, partly in the city's Municipal Tower) and into a brand new office on the 18th floor of a tall building on Third Avenue! And they want you to know about it, and to feel free to stop by any time to talk about police misconduct, which OPA staff are charged with investigating.

"We want to project independence," OPA Director Pierce Murphy explained to a small group of officials and reporters who were shown around the new digs this morning. "We're not siding with anybody. That was the idea of getting away from the police building. We're trying to be publicly accessible."

Murphy also said he wants to get to the point where police officers feel welcome walking in to talk with his staff—something he felt he accomplished in Boise, Idaho while dealing with the troubled police department there. At the ground floor, there's a Top Pot donuts next to the entrance (INSERT COP JOKE HERE) and Murphy's corner office looks out over Third Avenue, facing north.

"I think it's a very good first step," said Community Police Commission Executive Director Fé Lopez. She added that education and outreach will be key so that people in the community know where to come when they have complaints. The address is 720 3rd Ave., 18th Floor. You can also file a complaint online or over the phone.