ALSO IN 1889: The Great Seattle Fire.
  • Seattle Municipal Archives
  • ALSO 125 YEARS AGO: The Great Seattle Fire.

Yes, today is Washington State's quasquicentennial. If you can say that, happy day to you, too! (Showoff.)

But states are not dropped on the porch by storks, so precisely what moment in the looooong birth of Washington State does today connect to? Let us consult the Washington State Historical Society: "On February 22, 1889, Congress passed the Enabling Act for Washington State and a Constitutional Convention was held in Olympia." Okay. "On October 1, 1889, male Washington residents voted to approve the Constitution." Not really okay. But okay. "And on November 11, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison signed the proclamation admitting Washington to the Union."

So to recap: Some guys voted, and then some more guys voted, and then a powerful guy signed, and at no point were any women allowed to vote about or sign anything.