So we've got like 10 articles about some damn sandwhich shop and this was only mentioned once:…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
flavored oil

You'll never exactly match Paseo's secret recipes, but you can get pretty damn close if you figure out how to make the above tree... and thankfully, all three are CHEAP to make. Just add extra garlic.

Basic cooking skills are your best and cheapest bet to replicating Paseo.
@1: I hear you. We're short-staffed this week.
@4: Surely the point is not the absolute level of coverage but rather the priorities on display.
This sandwich thing has caused more uproar among my circle of acquaintances than the Republican takeover of the Senate. It's basically the biggest news that has happened in Seattle.

Ansel's output has been impressive this week, especially yesterday.
I acknowledge not having read to the end when I ha- ha-ha-ha-ha-haed at the donors, but now I see that this is about more than the sandwich shop; it about a local con.

And the Savvy guy sounds like Andrew Friedman.
Did Memon say just how much of the Kickstarter would go towards glorious Cuban revolution?
Just this week, @4?
This is why we need wage enforcement of $15/hr with zero tip inclusion- maybe we could let Sally Clark do that after she resigns from City Council?
@6 everyone knew that would happen - a 6 seat bump is pretty low for an off year election in a Presidential second term
@12 You're the best
If Paseo wants bankruptcy protection, they are going to have to give up their recipies. The point of bankruptcy is to ensure an orderly, fair, and maximal compensation of creditors. If the recipies have value and the creditors are still owed money, a judge is not going to take kindly to the notion that they don't have to be sold because they are "family secrets".
It seems pretty obvious that the Paseo business model relies on slave wages, illegal immigrants and factory farmed meat. Right? I would like to see the Stranger do an article on what it would take to produce a Paseo sandwich with union labor and Nieman Ranch pork. I'm guessing the sandwiches would be about twice as much for a modest business to break even. Which would be fine for me, as I think they produce a great sandwich. But I bet the Stranger crowd wouldn't be so excited at spending $17 for a pig sandwich.
"..they're making false promises..." Not, "...there making false promises..."

Your grammar troll of the day. You're welcome.
@15 is entirely correct.
This is insane. Non Paseo people SHOULD NOT BE REPRESENTING PASEO ON KICKSTARTER. Jesus. Someone go slap these guys in the face.

You really think we should be funding this guy? Makes sense why they did is so good. Probably tortured the presidential chef of Cuba for the recipes then on to South Alaska to fund his communist agenda. Good riddens Paseo. I'd rather give that Jimmy John lunatic my money.
I took a look at the WA Secretary of State and WA department of revenue. At this point there is no such entity as Savvy Orders in the database. Smells like a con.
If you don't like what Savvy is doing to save Paseo it would be interesting to hear alternative solutions. Instead of hiding behind your keyboards and making inferences that it's a con or a scam why don't you step up and show everyone how masterful your problem solving skills are and propose a new plan that everyone can get behind?

@20 "riddens" is not a word... I'm sure you're right at home at Jimmy Johns.
NoMoreTrolls, they are not trying to "save" Paseo. If you do a little research, you will find these are all young " entrepreneurs" not even originally from Seattle. They are opportunists trying to cash in on someone else's culinary creation. They claim to want to help the former employees, but as we can all see from this article, that is not the case as they didn't even contact them before starting this campaign! As this article states, the former employees want nothing to do with this, yet Savvy still will not come clean with that information on their Kickstarter page. Read the comments on the kickstarter campaign, Savvy continues to not answer the questions of those questioning their motives.
@14, Aw shucks, thanks, but the real credit goes to Lorna Yee. Nice lady, GREAT COOK.
@23 As you clearly do not agree with Savvy's approach to this problem what do you propose? What would YOU recommend? A call to Paul Allen? Get Bono to get a group of his closest friends together and write a song "we are the pork... We are the sandwich"? You have clearly spent a lot of time reasoning out why the Kickstarter plan won't work, so please tell us what WILL?

Every problem has a solution. Let's hear yours.
@20: You DO know you're linking to a satire site, right? An incredibly lame one, true, but satire nonetheless.
Its just a frigging sandwich and yet another closed Seattle restaurant.

Let it go people
NoMoreTrolls to your questions in #25:

That is where we are different--you are seeing that there is a "problem" that needs a solution. What is the "problem" exactly? That you can't eat a Paseo sandwich? That's not a problem. A problem is homelessness, cancer, domestic violence, etc. The only "problem" in this specific situation is personal to Lorenzo Lorenzo, the other 2 co-owners, and the employees that worked there (the latter not wanting anything to do with the kickstarter campaign as mentioned in this article above). The main "problem" here is whatever issues Lorenzo and his partners now need to deal with, which has nothing to do with us, but in time he and they will sort them out by whatever means comes to light. At this point, they have not asked for the public's helps, so it is not the public's problem. Your being disappointed you can't eat their great food is not a "problem"'s a disappointment, and that's life.

All of the allegations that are being made about Lorenzo and his business practices are nothing but that--allegations--at this point. There are very few facts to draw any substantial conclusions. That the suppliers that he has gotten his meat and bread from, to whom the bankruptcy paperwork says he owes $10,000, as well as his former employees to whom he owes all their last paychecks--the fact that they are ALL standing behind him, saying "they are really, really good people" should stand for a lot in the eyes of the public. It's only been a hot minute since Paseo has closed. Give Lorenzo and his business partners a little time for goodness sake! His previous very popular restaurant, Isabelle (Wallingford) also closed before Paseo was ever even a thing, and people were incredibly disappointed then too (how quickly this has been forgotten), and yet he did then later open up Paseo and Paseo 2. This is his life's work--don't you think of COURSE he is going to eventually open up another establishment? The recipes are HIS property, and HIS future.

Everyone should be disgusted that some "entrepreneurs" are trying to capitalize on the fumble of a successful culinary genius by trying to get the public to fund their snatching up his entire successful business model instead of CREATING THEIR OWN. Do you think they are trying to do this for the better of the people, because they are obsessed with the sandwiches? Get real. They see this very successful establishment--as they point out on their kickstarter page, #2 in the United States--and they see it as an opportunity to install THEIR own business (Savvy Orders, as in their app they are trying to create). Has anyone looked this app up? I have serious doubts about the extent of the restaurant experience anyone at Savvy Orders has--I worked in restaurants for over 20 years, to use this app, a restaurant would have to do an entire technology overhaul and it would be a logistical nightmare for the cooks, servers, and staff. But of course Savvy Order's idea is that if they could take over the #2 restaurant in the United States and install their created app into the business, then it has the potential to spread like wildfire. The fact that the app is a terrible idea that would be a nightmare logistically for those working at the restaurant establishments isn't the point-the point is, the entire reason Savvy Orders is trying to take over is for their own benefit, not the benefit of "the public"...but they are taking advantage of the mourning of Seattle cultural icon and trying to capitalize on that mourning. I like to think the general public (in Seattle at least) is a lot more savvy (no pun intended) than that.

One more note that everyone should really visualize and consider...having worked in restaurants for so long, I know and understand firsthand the visceral energy or a successful place--and that comes very specifically and directly from the original creators and those they choose to bring into their small circle as partners and staff. Not just anyone can come in and do that because they have the money or even basic business sense. It takes the creative passion from the originator to create that. Someone trying to come in and take over without that very specific energy from the original creator (and/or the blessing from the original owner) will end up with an establishment that has a coldness to it and people will be a lot more disappointed then they are now. It would never and could never be the same. I don't know how to explain it better, but trust me on this.

So the TLDR version, NoMoreTrolls: the solution is to wait for Lorenzo's next venture, because it will be worth the wait, and of course it is coming. Don't settle for wannabes and impostors, it never works out.

@28, I only moved to Seattle after visiting a friend there who took me to Paseo. After 1 bite into a Caribbean Roast, I actually looked up at him and said, "I'm moving here, just for this sandwich" and I actually did. So, ya.... it's a "problem", not just a mere disappointment. I've seen so many amazing restaurants over the years go the way of the dinosaur, even though their food was amazing. Why? No one ever seems to know, it's just there one day and gone the next regardless of popularity. I think people's fear is that the same story may play out for Paseo... which would be tragic.
@28, I only moved to Seattle after visiting a friend there who took me to Paseo. After 1 bite into a Caribbean Roast, I actually looked up at him and said, "I'm moving here, just for this sandwich" and I actually did. So is it genocide? No. But is it a "problem"? I would say, yeah, it's a "problem", not just a mere disappointment. I've seen so many amazing restaurants over the years go the way of the dinosaur, even though their food was amazing, recipes lost for all time. Why? No one ever seems to know, it's just there one day and gone the next. So I think people's fear is that the same fate may befall Paseo... which would be tragic.
Whoops, didn't mean to double post... and there doesn't seem to be a delete button anywhere. DOAH

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