This House in Wallingford Almost Got Broken Into—Except! Except the guy who lives in the house, Andrew Myers, is an army veteran, formerly of the 82nd Airborne, which does parachute assault operations, and he'd just updated his surveillance system with an alert at the fence line, because the house got broken into earlier this week. As Myers writes on YouTube, where he uploaded this video: This "is what takes place when a local creeper attempts a home invasion on a veteran of the 82nd Airborne. This guy was in my house earlier this week in the middle of the night on Veteran's Day..." As you can see, Myers gets into a fistfight on the front lawn with the intruder and holds him down until the cops show up. Inside the house: Myers's girlfriend, dog, and camera equipment. Go, Andrew Myers!!

He reentered the house to try to save his pets.
  • Bainbridge Island Police Department
  • A house on Bainbridge Island with a dog and cat believed to be trapped inside.

Bainbridge Man Hospitalized for Minor Burns After Trying to Save a Dog and a Cat in a House Fire: As of last word, the dog and cat are still unaccounted for. Bainbridge Island Fire Department said yesterday the structure is too "damaged for firefighters to enter safely."

House in Lynnwood Goes Up in Flames: "Firefighters responded to the blaze, at a home on 193rd Street, just after 7 p.m." last night. "A man and woman were seriously injured."

Rash of Thefts in Sammamish Over the Weekend: "We've had no crime here for 30 years," said someone whose kayaking equipment was stolen out of her car. More than a dozen victims within a mile of each other were hit between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. Three people were arrested yesterday in connection with the crime spree.

Marijuana grower auctions off a bunch of marijuana because he doesnt feel like packaging it.

State's First Weed Auction Took Place Over the Weekend: A grower in Prosser auctioned off $600,000 worth of weed on Saturday "so he could spend time with his grandson instead of packaging marijuana." The Liquor Board was on hand to make sure no one was enjoying themselves.

A Guy Was Shot Dead by a SWAT Team in Whatcom County Last Night: "The drama began Sunday evening as deputies were trying to locate a wanted man with warrants out for his arrest," KOMO reports. "At some point the armed suspect began shooting at deputies, who returned fire... One deputy was injured by flying shrapnel during the shootout."

Twenty-Year-Old Woodinville Man Stabbed in Oregon Convenience Store: In what's believed to be "a random act of violence."

Seahawks: Get a visit from the DEA.

Why Was the Video of Peter Kassig Being Beheaded by ISIS Different from Other ISIS Beheading Videos? "Friends of Kassig’s believe that the former Army Ranger, who’d been deployed to Iraq and who would’ve received training on hostage scenarios, refused to cooperate with the typical scripted video, knowing that his fate was sealed either way."

Surgeon Dies of Ebola in Nebraska: He contracted it in his native Sierra Leone and he arrived at the hospital in "extremely critical" condition.

Meanwhile, an Ebola Vaccine Is Being Tested: And 200 people are enrolled in trials in the United States, Britain, Mali, and Switzerland. "The experimental shot uses a single Ebola virus gene from a chimpanzee virus to generate an immune response. Because it doesn't contain any infectious virus material, it can't infect those being vaccinated."

Wow, This Piece on Emoji in New York Magazine Is Fantastic: "Emoji, as a group, are now used more frequently on Twitter than are hyphens or the numeral 5."