Did One Reel also stop doing weekend news?
Stoked for the future Amazumbershoot
For years One Reel dropped the ball in getting a sponsor for the 4th of July fireworks show, and finally had to give that over to Seafair. They appear to be a really, really poorly run organization, so perhaps it's time for them to give up Bumbershoot as well.
Weren't we giving One Reel kudos for scaling back and booking more of a locally-based festival three months ago?
What was the actual attendance at Bumbershoot this year? It felt like the crowd was relatively sparse compared to most years, which made for a more comfortable experience, but I can't imagine it helped with the bottom line.
@ 4. Yes, we were. It seems like something went wrong along the way.
I told you guys months ago they weren't paying people. In that kiss-ass interview thread with Jon Stone the day after Bumbershoot. There were plenty of people out there talking about not getting paid. I thought you guys were the plugged-in arbiters of cool journalism in this town. I guess not.

So it took you guys THIS long to un-bury your noses from Stones (a major advertiser of yours - coincidence, I'm sure) ass and look in to this? Did your ads not get paid for or something?

So. Who IS getting paid. That's your story.
Some people who worked Bumbershoot have been paid.

A great deal have not, however. I suspect the Hollywood Lights guys were surly the entire time because their paychecks were late.
the Stranger got paid; the Stranger collected its exorbitant toll on every ticket sold.
I sure didn't go this year. Know why? Because it was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

Too bad, too. I love Bumbershoot; $75 or whatever for one day was just ridiculous.
#7 has the most relevant comment here. Who IS getting paid? That's your story.
I've been to Bumbershoot 3 times, and this year was by far my favorite. If there is something awry, you can easily chalk it up to the ever-changing shape of the music industry.
Thumbing through their 990 reports, the majority of the difference in their Assets occurs on the 2010 filing, where $4.4 Million is transferred to Teatro Zinzanni. See Schedule D, Part XIV. The reported loss that year (Revenue less Expenses) is $1.4 Million, which can't possibly explain how Assets plummet from $5.7 Million to $273 Thousand. It's the $4.4 Million transfer that really ran One Reel out of money. What was that about?
Too much console, not enough tabletop.

Oh wait, I'm thinking of that other huge downtown event held that same weekend, the one fading hipsters don't go to. Bumbershoot should move to Portland just like their customer base already did.
So wait, beloved Paseo has some issue with paying its workers and abruptly folds. One Reel has a long history of being in debt to the city, and now has stopped paying its union labor and may still run Bumbershoot? Must be nice to be a non-profit instead of a business.
Looks like its time for Seattle Center to open that weekend to new bids and send this pompous ass packing.
Add my (anonymous for now) name to the pool of unpaid Bumbershoot contributors. I'm still waiting on over $800 that was promised via contract. Staffers have even gone so far as to call with coddling comments about trying to pay as soon as possible, but with no timetable or update as to when that might happen. Small claims court is in my future, apparently.
I love Bshoot and am super bummed that folks haven't been paid. Running a festival is very difficult let alone trying to make $. What Bshoot charges for all the acts compared to a lot of other fests is pretty reaso.

The thing that kills Bshoot is the damn rain.

I'm sorry to see them going through tough times and hope they get it together and pay the people that they owe ASAP. That's not cool.

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