This is insane:

The St. Louis County prosecutor's office said Monday afternoon that the grand jury deliberating whether to charge Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting had reached a decision and it would be announced later in the day. The decision will be announced at a 9 p.m. ET press conference.

There's only one explanation that makes sense: this is an attempt by authorities to ensure chaos and this to justify a draconian police response—a police response that will be carried out under cover of darkness.

Announcing the grand jury's decision at 9 PM after dark all but ensures rioting. The crowds in Ferguson have been waiting all day for the decision, they've been getting bigger with each passing hour, tension have mounting as they wait for word. And many whites—particularly those whites who are paid to run their mouths on Fox News—will interpret the now inevitable rioting as proof that Michael Brown's murder was justified. ("Look at what these people are like!") The rioting will stand in the minds of many whites as a retroactive justification for Darren Wilson's actions. Wilson won't be indicted, Brown will.

And, yes, this post assumes there will be no indictment. Because if the cops who shot John Crawford III didn't get indicted—and they didn't—then Wilson won't be indicted either.

UPDATE: No one could've predicted...