Tell me again how religion makes us better people?
Ugh, cue the Islamic apologists who will say, "we condemn all violence but people really shouldn't mock the prophet."
@1 Of course, there are individuals who are religious that make the world a better place. But religion, as a whole, is a net negative. It is difficult to make good decisions based on poor explanations of how the universe works.
@5, I think that was sarcasm on Cato's part
Some mention should be made of the notably cowardly/Machiavellian/anti-freespeech position taken by Financial Times: Charlie Hebdo 'Stupid'. It appears that The Financial Times has pulled this post now, which if it proves anything proves they can't be trusted with even their own opinions over perceived popularity.

'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance' and the guts to express yourself in the face of threats.
@ 6. Just reinforcing his point.
The opening "Tell me again..." is the signifier.
@7 "... the guts to express yourself in the face of threats." Like the intimidation by Ferguson protesters when 700 of them invaded a mall and made it impossible for other people to move, assemble, and speak on non-Ferguson topics. Like the intimidation by Ferguson protesters in blocking intersections at the New Years celebration that drove people away from assembling at the space needle and celebrating (speaking) with people of their choosing.

Ferguson protesters need to speak and assemble like everyone else, but they can't do so at the expense of other assemblers and speakers on other topics. The public square is for everyone.
Fuck all religions
@ 7 the difference between Paris and some of the protesters here was in Paris they escalated from mere intimidation to stop other speakers from expressing divergent points of view to murder. One step on a continuum of force.
The only rational response to this is more artwork and speech mocking the intensely stupid things religious fundamentalists choose to believe.

Let the mockery continue until such stupid beliefs are shamed out of existence.
@9: Maybe this is not the best place to keep fucking that chicken?

I mean, you have a right to fuck that chicken wherever you want, but just because you can do something does not mean you should.
Say what you will about Salman Rushdie, but "Religion [is] a mediaeval form of unreason..." is pretty damn brilliant. Almost Mudede-esque.
@14, I see you are only for protecting the free speech if you like its content.

@12, When the mall is closed three hours early, you have deprived people of the right to "assemble" (1st Amendment) and speak (1st Amendment) about whatever they were going to talk about while they did it. Some people were there (assembling) to hear kids sing (speech) and were deprived of that right by 700 people barging in and stopping it. All that is different is the degree of force and the degree of deprivation. Here it was deprivation of assembly and speech, in Paris it was that + life, making the deprivation permanent. But if you don't stand up for free speech when it is first threatened you shouldn't be surprised when those that would impose themselves on others feel emboldened to take it to the next step.
@3- You're probably mistaking people who express distaste "Draw Muhamed Day"'s crude images of the Prophet fucking a goat for people who apologize for terrorism. I hear that a lot.

It's possible to be horrified by terrorism and dislike the response to it. Assholes being assholes just to be assholes are assholes. They're not as bad as murderers, but if we don't point out that they're assholes then the terrorists are controlling our actions.

No one should kill anyone unless forced to in defense of their lives or the lives of innocents. The fundamentalist culture that gives rise to terrorism is a sick culture that brings nothing but evil to the world. Here's a picture of Mohammed for them:…
Coercing someone into not assembling and speaking is still coercion. Who is doing the coercing and the degree of coercion don't matter, it still anathema to everyone being able to freely assemble when and where they want, on whatever topic they want.

We seem to be having a debate about what level of coercion and deprivation of 1st Amendment rights is O.K.? Odd! Free speech in 12 and 14's view seems to depend on whether they like and agree with the speaker and the content of the speech. Free speech and assembly are only free if they are open to all speakers with an absence of coercion.
@19: Hey, I said you could fuck that chicken anywhere you wanted. I specifically said you had a right to fuck that tired, old chicken anywhere you wanted.

See, you are mistaking people judging your speech for infringing on your speech. If you say dumb things, people may just judge you as dumb.

For example, your reasoning in #17 is stupid to the extreme, but I am not going to try to ban you from saying really dumb things. I am just going to call it inane and logically bankrupt.

I mean seriously, you think a mall closing two hours early is a violation of the 1st Amendment because people who wanted to have conversations there had to go elsewhere? You have to see how stupid this line of thinking is.
@17- The mall wasn't forced to close early. The mall choose to close early.

If some people assemble in a public place before some other people assemble there they haven't stopped the other people from assembling. You seem to think only the people you approve of should assemble in the places you approve of them assembling.

The fact you call protesting without a permit over police committing murder "one step" from murdering 12 people because someone printed a cartoon shows just how morally bereft you are.
complete and utter bullshit,

and while a cartoon has certainly never killed anyone, publications that spread fabricated "news" are without any doubt, directly responsible for tyrannical, violent acts committed by the idiot gender because they believed the reported story to actually, factually occur in reality

the same assholes who fool you into believing that disrespect is necessary, are the same assholes and idiot men that fool you into thinking that lies are necessary

disrespecting a person's spirituality is about as necessary as disrespecting a person's sexuality, in that neither are necessary

what is necessary, is standing up to oppose an asshole's behavior when he is being an asshole

whether the asshole is Chritsian, Muslim, Atheist, sexual or asexual, or engages in hetero/homo/bi acts is irrevelant

anyone who tells you that a person's spirituality or sexuality must be disrespected


these are the idiot gendered who believed assassinating our most popular president ever was necessary because he was considering the possibility of talking to communists before going to war, just as a possible option

you are one ignorant fuck Dan
@1 One can make the argument that this is another example of human males and their perchance for violence. If we just abort all male fetuses, we could ellminate 90% of all murders caused in this country, costly and wasteful wars, 90 or more percent of Domestic Violence cases ending up in the ER..

Of course the same people who are saying "Religion is to blame" or "How didn't Religion didn't cause this?" are most likely males, who feel unfair that they are lumped together with the shooters.. who are most likely young impressionable males with some serious behaviorial or mental health problems..

Everyone with a dog (or a god) in this fight will find something to blame, and they will their side as innocent as fresh snow, when in reality they are innocent as freshly driven snow..
the idiot gender is the problem, not religion
I wish every publisher in the world would put up the pictures that the satirists at Charlie Hebdo were killed for. That would be journalistic solidarity.
@22, religious belief is a choice, sexuality, gender etc isn't. Please make a note of it so you don't look like an idiot
I was not mad before I came to France - Henry V

The difference between the coercion of these protesters and the shooters in Paris was a matter of degree.
@22 "Respect is earned not demanded."

Fuck all religions that fool their believers into accepting their miserable lot for a false promise of an afterlife. And fuck people who try to silence those that speak up about it.

Religion is a cancer.
My right to freedom of expression and assembly ends when it forcibly or coercively impedes the right of assembly and speech of someone else. All the assemblers and speakers have a right to the public square and should not be blocked (die-in in a street, not a sidewalk) by others. Let everyone speak, not matter how much a minority, or how unpopular. Forcible coercion is forcible coercion. All that is different between here and Paris was the level of coercion for one group of speakers to silence another group of assemblers and speakers.

"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire. (He was speaking against the backdrop of the mob violence and executions of the French Revolution).
@22- While we're in agreement about assholes being assholes, I think it does need to be mentioned that MURDERERS ARE WORSE.

The press has incited people to genocide, murder, and terrorism. Publishing a picture of Muhammad with a bomb for a brain didn't do that.
@25, Right on!
Comments are closed on David Schrader's 11:50 am post on his NYPD bashing. What is he afraid of? He's the the real crybaby coward.
@22 If someone's spirituality is the cause of shame, assault, kidnapping, torture and murder on an immense scale, as it is with all the abrahamic religions, than disrespecting their spirituality is the LEAST that should be done. Blaming cartoonists for their own murder is some cold-hearted shit.

Sexuality is not inherently oppressive. Abrahamic religions are. Your analogy is ridiculous.
@30- What you keep saying is that you're defending equal rights. How you say you will do that is by making protesters shut up and go away so people can shop without having to think about politics. That's not an actual defense of equal rights.

I notice you've changed "one step" to a "matter of degree." I'd say that murder and loud assembly are not a matter of degree, but clearly and obviously qualitatively different.
@34- Rights aren't granted by governments, they're inherent. Governments recognize rights (or not.) Property owners have the right to do what they want with their property. They can kick you out if they don't like what you're doing. Zero people had their rights violated when the private property owners decided they couldn't deal with people speaking in the public street by their store.
This isn't "religion". It's hatred of the Other.
Who knew running a satirical newspaper could be so "on the front lines of danger".... is it more-so than being a cop too ?…
@33 you are dumber than shit, but for everyone else's benefit I wont explain why.
I am so saddened by this.
@22: I'm inclined to agree with you on most of what you say, but when you wrote

the same assholes who fool you into believing that disrespect is necessary, are the same assholes and idiot men that fool you into thinking that lies are necessary

... who did you have in mind, specifically? You could plausibly lob that accusation at any media outlet. Was it Charlie Hebdo? Al Jazeera? Fox News?
you are 100% right, sarah91. this stopped being about religion a long long time ago.
You have to respect Truth, to be able to recognize it commenter #26

And yes, you too, are one ignorant fuck if you believe the bullshit propaganda spread by both abominable whores, the men of the Associated Press and the men of Organized Religious leadership who have been engaged in the idiot male's never ending battle for total dominance and authority

The idiot males and the women who are fooled by them

let's pretend that these murders have actually taken place, if you believe that a fundamentalist follower of Islam murdered a cartoonist over an ignorant cartoon disrespecting a Muslim prophet,


That story amounts to complete and utter bullshit, as IF a murder had actually taken place, the act would be done not due to the cartoon, but a retaliation for the violent, terrorists acts carried out in the Muslim's homeland by the military of country the cartoonist dwells in

You can choose to believe in the either side of the idiot gender's mission to unintentionally destroy the world we live in, but either side is one ignorant fuck of a side that you must consciously deny the Truth to take part in

Shit like this article and your ignorant opinion is contributing to the gender specific problem of the idiot male
@40: Yep, my bad.
@47- Islam is currently the worst, it isn't inherently the worst. All the Abrahamic religions have almost exactly the same contempt for the unbeliever built into their scripture and when the historical circumstances are right it comes out.
@44 Troll harder, bro.
Nope nope,

The least that can be done after idiot men who are not capable of respecting freedoms and liberties of others when their choice doesn't align with theirs...

The least that can be done after these idiot males go from shaming and escalate through assault, kidnapping, torture and murder

The least that we can do is be honest about the root of the problem, as honesty about the lies that each side of the idiot male's war use to justify their natural progression towards extinction

your ignorant views based on denial of the truth, do absolutely nothing but perpetuate and contribute to the problem

I don't want to live in the idiot male's world where believing God does not exist is enforced, the same as I don't want to live in the idiot male's world where belief in God in enforced

I believe in freedom and liberty

I believe if we don't speak up about the truth that both sides blatantly deny, that the idiot male will destroy this world
Shit. This is not about religion. It's some members of whole cultures becoming quite mad. Religion is just the fall guy.
Go fuck yourself middle person
@ 53, if you think aggression is a male attribute, you are woefully, woefully ignorant. Now, please stop being a distraction. People are dead and you're not being helpful.
Good one Matt,

Typical journalist view point, that one can use words and by twisting them it can negate cold hard facts

or that philosophy or a different view point will magically solve a problem, as if denying it actually solves anything

aggression can be a female trait, and any trait, even ones that may very well be gender specific are not the problem

the problem is the idiot male who refuses to accept the truth of matter, because if he stopping denying it, he would have to accept that in all he mighty physical power, the lack of honesty renders his intelligence not effective enough to overcome the idiot juice testosterone and simply admit he was wrong
40 pounds over-weight, other than that, par for the course for an ignorant slogger: running with one accurate notion, and being stupid enough to believe that every other completely wrong notion is corrected by proper grammar
@ 57 - Proper grammar could never correct all that is wrong with you. Not even proper medication could.
@ 37 - If rights were inherent, we wouldn't need all those bills of rights to enforce them, and people would inherently be protected from those who try to take their rights away and from governments who will not grant or recognize their rights.
do you write for the Onion dick?

Lame insults instead of admitting the truth is one of those gender specific traits that Denver Matt was grammatically and correctly talking about

journalistic medicine only serves to piss me off, and I don't give a shit when the idiot hive swarms
Hey Dirtclustit, hope your holidays went well.
@16 and 18, As I expected.
@55. Dirtclustit, cool post.
@34. The only difference between a majority mob taking away your rights and the government taking away your rights is an election. I.e. The mob elects the government and then hires cops to do what they formerly did directly.

... and the Mall closed early as a choice? They weren't coerced in anyway by a mob invading their space and disrupting others lawful right to be there (see there is that coercion again) other people gathering there freely to assemble and speak on other topics?
@59- You don't understand what "inherent" means. Look it up and come back. You'll be a better citizen of the world.

@64- Once again you claiming that one group of people's right to assemble and speak trumps another group of people's right to assemble like one group better.
The attack was unconscionable, unwarranted, violence is always wrong.

Still (and of course nobody deserves to be murdered, the attacks were deplorable), I'm also uncomfortable defending the cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo just because they're "only" satire, or because they (may) make a good point about religion in general, or Islam in particular.

I think I'm seeing it as about more than just religion (just like in Northern Ireland, Bosnia/Croatia, and pretty much anywhere else that people have fought over religion.) It's also tribal, political, etc.

It's not just about Islam, it's a shot at Muslims in general - who are, and always have been, pretty much powerless in France. And to quote Molly Ivins: "Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. ... When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel -- it's vulgar."

Still. A senseless tragedy, for which I am sorry.
@65- "Actions now, and in the recent past and in the foreseeable future, are more important than some hypothetical scenario in which large numbers of Christians and Jews are applying the genocidal and appalling things seen in Leviticus."

In the present day a political party aligned with deeply fucked up Jesus Camp type Christians controls both houses of the Legislature and the majority of the Supreme Court. They'll probably lose the Senate in two years but maybe not. On the state level there are regularly attempts to pass laws instituting a variety of religious regulations.

We're in much better shape than the Middle East, but remember in 1940 no one could have imagined Lebanon being run by religious fundamentalists. It was the Paris of the Middle East, a place you could sip wine on the sidewalk and discuss religion and philosophy in whatever terms you like.

History teaches us that things can change very quickly. Islam isn't inherently more fucked up than any other religion, as much as the American Religious Right (and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who endorses terrorism against leftists in the name of ridding your country of Muslims) try to push that meme.

That was Beirut, not the entirety of Lebanon, and Beirut is still much more liberal than the rest of the country.

And you're sounding an awful lot like Thomas Friedman, who was convinced that Iraqis love freedom and democracy because of his dealings with extremely educated service workers in Baghdad.

What is it with liberals and y'all's obsession with discounting/minimizing the hyper conservative rubes in rural areas?
@69- I'm minimizing the rural rubes in conservative areas by saying I think the Religious Right in America is a generation away from being as dangerous as the Islamic State?

You're sounding an awful lot like someone who isn't paying much attention.
This makes me really miss Christopher Hitchens.
@70 yeah, with all those militant Methodists machine gunning people into pits, those Catholic beheading videos and the Southern Baptist rape gangs...
I grew up reading and enjoying Charlie Hebdo and I'm shocked and appalled by what's happened. I can still recite one Wolinski cartoon from memory over 30 years later and it still cracks me up. But that's not why I'm commenting. No, I'm commenting to say how amazed I am at the lengths some people will go to in attempting to intellectually justify their desire to keep large numbers of black people away from shopping malls ... or, for that matter, at the opportunities others take to express their blanket contempt for men. As Pam from the adult TV cartoon Archer might say, "inappropes."
georgeingeorgetown is incapable, of course, of recognizing the irony of shitting up a thread about religiously-motivated terrorism in France by complaining about some protestors ruining his Christmas caroling. Nothing like a little pointless murder to bring out the fucking stupid.
@ 66 - I spend all my working days in dictionaries, so I was pretty sure I knew the meaning of "inherent", but I looked it up just the same. Guess what? It means exactly what I think it does. And I stand by what I wrote.

Rights are a notion invented by people. Rather recently in the history of humankind, I might add. They are therefore not "inherent", which is defined by Webster as "belonging to the basic nature of someone or something".

No creature on this planet actually has any "right" to anything, no matter how much we'd like them to.

I am all for defending everyone's rights, but being an informed and realistic "citizen of the world", to use your expression, I'm aware that they are in no way intrinsic to existence. And the mere fact that you're talking about property rights shows that your view of the world is from a specific place and time. In other words, you're not much of a "citizen of the world" yourself.

Otherwise, I agree with your argumentation.
Another thread, another reminder why I need stop reading (and contributing to) the comments.
This paper is so quick to attack Christians. How about some REAL balls and depict Mohammed? You won't because the Moslims will kill you! Maybe the Christians are not so bad after all.
This thread went to shit quickly. I blame dirtclustit for being completely dry-roasted.

@77: Been there, done that, get rekt scrub.………
@77, a newbie right wing troll who secretly wishes that the Christians had the same guts as a typical Islamic terrorist to kill those who mock their baby Jesus. BTW: I need to get more toilet paper with images of Muhammad on each square to use after a night of heavy drinking and burrito eating.
Fuck 80% of Islam

Fuck 60% of Christianity

Fuck 30% of Judaism

Fuck 30% of Hinduism

Fuck 10% of Buddhism

Fuck 5% of Taoism

The Jains are mostly ok.
@81: Excellent point.
gun control would have stopped this from happening
Blame it on me for what? (venomlash)

Because I am honest enough to recognize that the denial of Truth, that the male's refusal to quit exaggerating to the point of lying in order to justify their ignorant side of the God does not exist/God does exist WAR, that that is the problem?

That I don't for a second believe that even a male, would kill another over a cartoon? (and therefore NOT a free speech issue)

Because I recognize that there is a crucial part to cycle of violence that is consciously denied?

Because I speak up and attempt to point to the root of the problem, that things like spirituality and beliefs on the subject are something that is personal and therefore cannot be dictated or have enforced majority views imposed upon them?

Because I think that something that is as personal, important, even sacred to them personally -- the same as sexuality -- and that nobody need be subjected to having their spirituality or sexuality criticized unless they desire to be subjected to it?

I will tell anybody and everybody that what they are doing is flat out wrong when they do so

I do condemn murderers, and the men who commit the acts of violence

But because I also speak out against the men who refuse to respect the freedoms and liberties of others and initiate and escalate the cycle by trampling other's rights to practice something personal, like spirituality and sexuality?

is it because I do it because it's my personal responsibility to speak out because I exercise those rights, or is it that I do it because it's the right thing to do?

What is it that pisses you off besides me telling people to go fuck themselves when they spread ignorant propaganda?
I'm glad you're back Dirtclustit.. And of course you shouldn't be blamed for this thread going to shit.. This thread is about shit.
Shit people doing shit things to others.
For what? A few cartoons. A few written articles.
Je Suis Charlie.
Thanks Lava,

I did enjoy the holidays
@84: What pisses me off is that your posts are one step away from Time Cube.
OK venomlash, you're right, we should continue to male route, completely deny the root of the real problem, and spend more time, energy, and money on creating a war zone in the middle east and convince the world that the real problem is, Muslim's hate freedom and liberty, that one of the key points they believe in following Islam is that each and every last person on earth will convert to Islam or be executed

That they kill people for creating cartoons because they are incapable of understanding humor

and now king of dipshits is calling out the AP because they decided they do not want to play a part of have any role in instigating or escalating this bullshit male violence

You know venomlash, if males did not choose to completely deny the truth, they would wouldn't be so fucking stupid as to think for a second that this is a free speech issue

what the fuck is the matter with you?

@88: Tell us about how the moon landings were faked.

And then tell me again about how everyone but you is denying truth.
Yeah Teddy, they can barely launch a rocket into earth's orbit without a couple hundred people all waiting on them hand and foot and have to cancel launches due slight changes in the weather, have to crash land in the ocean and be rescued -- just from orbit -- and you think they flew to the moon, landed by operating jet packs, and with all equipment and fuel to relaunch and safely return.

in the late 60s and early 70s

you are one of the idiots who believe anything the abominable whore tells you, you think just because you don't believe one of the abominable whores you aren't just as firm in the grip of denial

what the fuck is wrong is you?
and yes Teddy, when you refuse to respect the truth, and choose to deny Truth when it's much more convenient to adopt lies, it affects your ability to recognize all truths, even ones that are blatant, obvious, and right in front of your eyes, foolish pride is probably the most stupid reason to deny the truth, and in this day and age with physics and science concepts that are offered to the common man through schooling and college, it is a conscious choice you are making to believe the bullshit NASA claimed

@91: Do you have any evidence? Because NASA has a lot of evidence.

Do you have any thoughts on chemtrails, or perhaps the idea that lizard people from another dimension are running the world secretly? I am curious about that stuff to.

Please educate me.
your a regular genius Teddy, and believing all of NASA's evidence you are either too clueless or you know damn well the truth, but just like you choose to believe it's necessary to ridicule someone's personal spiritual beliefs in order to protect "free speech" you choose to be utterly blind most of the knowledge self-evident as a direct result of denial of Truth

But just in case you genuinely desire to know the truth, the simplest way is learn sailing one summer, the airfoil shape of the sails is the same airfoil shape of a wing, and the exact same physic principles apply in regards to the sum of more than one directional force

you will understand what causes a "wing" to lift and you'll know that the "lift" is not created by a difference in the speed the air travels above and below the wing. Why dumb as false physics like was ever taught I don't know why, but your ignorant ass won't believe me unless you physically experience it your self, you'll understand why "flying" in a controlled manner requires an "ocean" of air, you'd understand that the space in between Celestial bodies in completely empty or if you really can't be bothered to actually educate your self through actions, acquire yourself some good optics and image rendering software and take a look for yourself you dumb fuck
@93: Holy shit, I was just going to see how much text I could make you furiously type by being cute, but you seriously believe that space travel is impossible because there is no matter there?

And you dare to tell other people to get educated?

My god man.

My god.


Good one, is it impossible?

Absolutely not, however once you are set in your trajectory there is very little that can be done to change that trajectory

I'd be mighty impressed if NASA could even hit the moon, in 2015, but that is besides the point, if you are so much a follower as opposed to a critical thinker, you would be able to understand the way con men con, if you honestly care about the world, and not just America's control of it, which men will eventually destroy with idiot's logic like ridiculing a person's sacred beliefs is necessary, or worse not doing it will set dangerous precedence, you will quit consciously denying the truth, you'll know better then to justify lies to safeguard foolish pride

You'd understand the natural progression life take through evolution, you'd understand why a physical changes to a species slows once the species lives in a cooperative civil community

You'd understand why the Order Hymenoptera keeps no males in the colony except for a very specific and short lived event

You'd understand why that plagiarist Darwin gave himself away as "not a scientist" due to his chapters written on ants, you'd understand how and why Dawkins is no scientist

and you for shit sure would understand a citizens most basic fundamental rights and the responsibility that cannot be separated from exercising them

you'd be conscious of your actions and your ignorance because you'd understand how failing to practice honesty in your life, will eventually destroy you and by the time you find out that you were not fooling anybody anyway, it will likely be too late

take care Teddy, if nothing else at least take five minutes to honestly ask yourself if you could be mistaken, if not, they go with what you believe, but you can go fuck yourself if your thinking I will buy into the crock of shit lies common people are forced fed.

You choose to accept your beliefs, and that is your right
@95: So you are stating that once on a trajectory in space, not much can be done to change it?

Look up how satellites fight orbital decay real quick, it might change your mind. I imagine you also believe the Mars rovers and Voyager spacecrafts are faked as well?

Look, I am really just doing this for laughs, it makes me chuckle to see you furiously typing these clownish screeds as you jump instantly from one disparate topic to the next, but I have to ask:

Why are you so angry and mean? I think you called me a stupid fucker about 15 times and told me to fuck off about another 15 in those essays you wrote. I may be being a bit smart-assed with you, but how is that a proper response to what is going on? When was I that crude or combative with you?

I suggest you take five minutes to honestly ask yourself if you could be wrong, not just in your ideas, but how you respond to people. You need help, and I am serious about that. Please get help.
Satellites are in orbit dumb fuck, once you break free from the earths gravity yes, you are you aren't coming back. I called you a dumb fuck because you choose ignorance, you like nearly every slogger think ignorance is good wit, and good grammar is intelligence.

I don't treat sloggers with respect, because they show no respect, after your house gets torched, and you feel you need to carry a gun because of idiot journalism student and a bitchy ex-friend, then come talk to me about showing respect where absolutely none is due, or else, unkindly go fuck yourself
I didn't realize moon landing denial was still a thing. LOL Let me guess Dirtclustit you believe Stargates are totally real and the interstellar travelers who built the pyramids in ancient Egypt used them. Or maybe Earth's Stargate blew up and that is how Atlantis vanished.
@97: F(g) = G * m1 * m2 / (r^2), beeyotch.
It's a common misconception that you can "break free from the earths [sic] gravity"; you can reach escape velocity (~11.2 km/s at the surface), but there will always be a gravitational force acting between you and the Earth. You don't understand the most basic principles of gravitation, Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, how sails work (they are DIFFERENT from airfoils FFS), or how objects behave in near-vacuum conditions.
Holy four-sided day, Batman!
oh golly! the wikipedia scientists are ignorantly poking fun at me!! Dipshit grammarians loyal to the bullshit lies because the world will collapse if the male ego has to face the truth, whatever shall I do?

you two are idiots, who like most males, care more about their fragile egos than actually accepting truth, and sloggers have the highest proportion of females who bow down to the idiot ego.

Just preserve these conversations please as it is not too far along in the very near future that The People choose to no longer remain ignorant of the most basic, fundamental rights that were Declared nearly 250 years ago, after shortly after, the framework of the Constitution, as when your mind is not clouded by your idiot male pseudo-intelligence, you will recognize the connection between sexuality and spirituality in regards to who gets a say in your rights to practice them as you see fit, there is no more pertinent topics than on those historic days, then, and to-day, as the freedom to practice spirituality without the interference of ignorant male-bigoted right trampling fuckwits was THE main reason colonist and settlers traveled to the New World, as my Ancestors did when they got ran out of Wales and fled to America during the Civil War

that our Constitution was written for these latter days, as ignorant fuckwits like you two, Dan and fuckwit slogging crew, to protect your rights against the ignorant, bigoted, fuckwit tyrannical men who refuse to respect the most basic fundamental rights of humane beings

fuck gravity and all of the lies that now must be maintained for the fragile ego of American fuckwit men, although the flaws in previous theories are already well understood (as old and wrong theories of gravity failed to take into account relative densities of the objects gravity was measured in relative to the density of the ocean they resided in, as in, an ocean of air as opposed to your fuckwit ignorant feeble mind that only sees oceans as bodies of water)

and fuck you, go fuck yourself, you feeble minded ignorant men and women who follow the dipshits, as you are just as ignorant as the right winged right trampling bigots who have illegally withheld your rights to decide who you can offer to share your life with to build your chosen family

and while I will fight for your rights, know that I only do so because it is my duty as an human being who exercises those rights must do to fulfill my responsibility to freedom and liberty debt free, without the bloodshed which cannot be avoided when ignorant fuckwits like you refuse to be responsible with freedom and liberty, but all things being equal, you dumb motherfuckers are every bit as ignorant and poisoned by the lies of men, without having the courage to accept Truth,

it's not religion nor sexuality that is the problem, it feeble minded, fragile ego, fuckwit men like you and the women who follow your life of denial of the Truth

GO FUCK YOURSELF (on however many sides you count, robin)

@100: Seek help.
@100: I was going to link you to Time Cube so that you could see how it's like looking into a mirror, but I think the nutso in charge of it let the domain expire.

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