SOSHLYZM! I want to pay $600/year to Comcast! They do a great job!
Seattle's Own Internet it is. But I could care less about the name then actually doing the thing we've been studying since Nickles and promised by every mayoral campaign for a decade (and probably longer).
Municipal broadband is the way to go.
Wait a minute, doesn't Comcast own our Mayor?
@5, Vulcan and Comcast are both fighting for Ed's affection.…
Actually, Ansel, the maps in link that you provided -… - shows that Seattle's Internet speeds (and the 7th Congressional District's Internet speeds) are not that bad, and are in fact higher than average according to the first map.

Aside from that, I'm all with you: We need faster, more reliable, broadband.
The problem with recreating the Chattanooga Tennessee model of a broadband delivery system in other cities is the same problem with recreating the Green Bay Packers ownership model for an NFL team in another city. Corporate America will shit it's pants.
That's not a problem, it's something to hope for. Maybe Amazon will provide the diapers.

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