thanks i'm all cheered up now.
@2 sea ice floats so it doesn't add to sea level when it melts
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Cluck on folks.
The icebergs displace water as they're floating in it. In fact, eureka, they displace the same amount of water that they produce when they melt. (I learned this from venomlash). Furthermore, at the North pole, sea levels appear to be dropping, an illusion caused by the land rising as it is relieved of the weight of land-ice and permafrost.
@5 Thank you for that. Now I realize that my full glass of ice water doesn't start overflowing as the ice melts!
@4, what did you think of the video, SB?
Overland ice(Antarctica) flowing into the ocean is still an issue.

I've already solved most of this, but there are a few remaining questions -

Is the salinity of the arctic ice near that of the water it rests upon?

Does the increased buoyancy of seawater alter the ice/water equilibrium(see above)?

Care to ban me again, geniuses?
Sea levels are rising all over the world. Just not due to the melting of ice that is already in the ocean. There's plenty of melting going on of land-ice too.…
If someone who acts inappropriately suddenly realizes there are consequences in physical reality for their actions, does their unconscious form being tossed into an ice water bath in order to wake their ass up cause the water level to rise?
@9, Since you just joined the Stranger, you see that "Commenting on this item is available only to registered commenters." Why don't you CnP your unregistered comment again, since you seem to have some good ideas. Indeed, falling sea salinity is going to be a big deal in the future unless we cool this puppy down some.
@11, Oh. I see.
In all honesty, if something is melting mass will be lost to evaporation(which isn't to say that this water isn't to be reintroduced elsewhere). I'd imagine the salinity of ice above the arctic would fall over time.

Increasing with pressure.

Regardless, the weather will be fun.

We're all gonna die!!!!!
@4: So what exactly makes you so certain that human activity ISN'T negatively affecting the planet's climate? Why are you so damn certain that all of the evidence must be somehow faked? What do YOU know that the rest of us mere mortals don't?
Just because you're too ignorant to understand the problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist. By all means continue to hide your head in the sand.

Hope you don't have any kids, because the climate you're going to leave them is going to suuuuuuck.
We're about 30 - 40 years to late to do anything to prevent this. Sucks if you decided to bring kids into the world because the planet they are going to have isn't going to be a nice place to live
Of course Seattleblahs doesn't have children. Can you imagine being him and trying to get someone to mate with you?

The poor dear. It can't be easy to go through life like that.
@4 - Cluck on? Sorry, I don't speak your language.
Are people really still confused about the whole sea-ice vs land ice and sea levels rising thing? I thought that was just a dumb republican talking point from 2003. Good grief. If you are wondering why sea levels are rising take a look at Antarctica and Greenland. Those are some pretty huge land masses covered in tons of ice and that ice is melting. So for your glass of ice water analogy, we arent talking about the cubes in your water overflowing the glass, we're talking about the ones still in the tray. Now please, can we finally, in 2015, live in a world where this kind of elementary shit doesn't have to be explained all the time?
@22 Please, don't be an ass, thank you.
Thank jeebus that this is all an elaborate hoax!
I watched the animation twice and now I've come up with a solution. It is clear that most of the ice is dribbling out through the Fram Straight. We just need to string up a line of buoys between Greenland And Svalbard to hold it all in. Problem solved.
Can't WAIT until all the denialists have to suddenly tell their kids....
Uh... Santa treads water...
Uh... Santa moved to the SOUTH pole...
@19: It is not too late if we geoengineer. Sadly, we're not going to get any funding for geoengineering until the problem is acknowledged.

Looks like a near normal year to me.
Okay, so some nerdy scientist sits in his cubicle for many years staring at data, unloved and unappreciated, and here come Al Gore!! Wow! Now the media is into it and will interview anyone without question. Now the nerd's lab can get some funding and get his paper published in the science journals. Happy days are here again.
No hurricanes for the last six years in the Gulf after all kinds of scary predictions. The Indian Ocean islands are actually sinking because they are volcanic as old craters tend to do.…

Scientists are turning into media sluts. Yes, there probably is climate change as there's always been but let's not go nuts.
@29: Media sluts? How about science denial shills?
If you think there have been "[n]o hurricanes for the last six years in the Gulf", you may want to check out the account of Hurricane Ingrid, whose name was RETIRED for the severe damage done to Mexico. I also shall make mention of Hurricane Sandy; it is very unusual for a tropical cyclone to make its way that far up the eastern seaboard, let alone striking New York with such remaining force, but warmer ocean temperatures strengthen the storms.
Globally, sea levels are indeed rising. Fourteen of the fifteen warmest (global mean temperature) years on record have been since 2000. Don't believe comforting lies, amigo.

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