Spokane Valley is the City of Spokane's meth'd out younger brother. Sounds like they elected the right person to represent them.
- If we lose E WA, we gain back our taxes that those welfare queens suck up.

- “We don’t feel we’re going to be protected this summer," said Okanogan County Commissioner Ray Campbell. Welcome to the small government you and your constituents voted for!
The robber stole my homework?
I have to look up ICYMI every time you print it. And for some reason, I think about frozen yogurt when I see it.

I fucking hate Internet Acronyms. IFHIA.
TIL TCBY still exists.
Washington, alas, won't split. Every place but western King county, northern Pierce county, southern Snohomish county and Olympia will continue to get no voice in governance at state and federal levels. Sucks, but there it is.

And Murray? Know why these uneducated unskilled workers aren't being hired? Could it be because they have no skills to offer an employer? Nah. Must be because of a conspiracy to shift jos out of Seattle! Economics is a subject liberals really don't understand. At all.
Maybe E WA will pay for their own wildfire control if they want to be free of tyrany?
The Republicans are just getting crazier and crazier. Has anyone tested them for Mad Cow?
WSDOT toll by mail is arbitrary and capricious and illegal.

No toll booths, no penalties for mail tolls that are not sent by certified mail.
Thanks for the reminder good2go sucks... crossed the narrows bridge Jan 3, never got a bill. Called them up and paid over the phone.
Troll @6, you denial of reality is impressive. Did you forget about McMorris-Rogers, Reichart, the state senate republican majority, and all the rest of them actively trying to sabotage our state/country?
So, force a 20% hiring of people who have proven they should not be hired. What a boneheaded, terrible policy. How about hire the best people for the job and get outstanding results?

Re-written another way. Seattle passes law taking jobs away from qualified middle-class professionals in favor of charity cases.
@6: Ya dingus, you're making the same argument as those downstate whiners in Illinois who complain that Illinoisan politics are dominated by Chicagoland. What, just because ~75% of Illinoisans live in or around Chicago the metropolitan area somehow has more sway in government than the ~25% who don't live in real cities? It's almost like our system of government is based on majority rule, where the will of the people in aggregate is (theoretically at least) how we make decisions!

You're like the Teabaggers complaining about "taxation without representation" because their elected representatives don't share their views. Said Teabaggers, like rural parts of Washington and Illinois, ARE getting represented! They're just getting represented fairly, and not being disproportionately favored over more populous districts with different concerns.

For someone who complains about putting "the interests of a tiny self selecting minority above those of the majority of the state" (your own words, Seattleblues), you seem awfully keen on giving rural areas more legislative say than the metropolitan area in which 52% of Washingtonians live. (And please remember, the "tiny self selecting minority" you were whinging about is about 55% these days. Marriage equality isn't just for queers, after all; it's fought for by straight people as well, those who oppose making queers second-class citizens.) I've said it before and I'll say it again; if you have a problem with popular sovereignty, move to a country that wasn't founded on a democratic tradition.
Our Dear Seattleblahs doesn't get out much, so most of his impressions of country life are formed by watching (and watching and watching) reruns of "Hee-Haw". Just like his impressions of life in Seattle come largely from his VHS copies of "Harry in Your Pocket", "Cinderella Liberty" and "McQ". I tried to get him to watch "Sleepless in Seattle" but he's afraid of water.

I know that my Sunday afternoon visits to him are my Christian Duty, but it gets drearier and drearier each week. The piles of old newspapers, the blaring Glenn Beck reruns, the rumpsprung La-Z-boy, the weird mossy smell.... the poor thing never really had a chance.

Hey moron? Those ESL courses are becoming a need for you.

What I wrote in English (if you were fluent in that language you'd have understood) didn't have a blind thing to do with your kneejer response. I know the Peoples Republic of Seattle has a large percent of the population of my state. Which is why decent sane citizens outside that benighted filthy overcrowded mess get no representation of their interests. And why I wrote 'alas the state won't split'rather than whatever your addled mind understood as voting shouldn't matter.

And for what it's worth even King County is more purple than blue. It only swings lefty loony by between 5 and 15 percent depending on the issue or candidate. And as Johnnnnn or whatever wrote, the state house is now Republican controlled.

As to gay so called marriage (NOT marriage equality, which already existed) I'm not sure why you bring it up. Spin doctors lie about the issues on polls, the numbers get skewed- so what? Right is right and wrong wrong anyway, even if 90% of voters misunderstood the nature of marriage as inclusive of same sex perversities..
Seattleblahs dear, you're up late. Didn't you take your Milk of Magnesia? You know how restless you get....
Catalina Doll,

Cinderella Liberty was both a great novel and a great movie, please don't denigrate them by associating then with SB
Merchant dear, I never read the novel, but I enjoyed the movie very much. James Caan=oolala to an old homebody like myself.

So you mustn't worry your handsome self about how I approach Seattleblahs when it comes to pop culture: As you know, he has a very limited worldview, so I have to put things in that context for him. I don't know what we'll do when that poor VHS machine gives up the ghost - or when the library finally decides they need those tapes back.
@16: "I know the Peoples Republic of Seattle has a large percent of the population of my state. Which is why decent sane citizens outside that benighted filthy overcrowded mess get no representation of their interests."

No representation? I think you mean they get FAIR representation. Or are you saying that 40% of the people who may favor some proposal should get their way over the 60% who may oppose it? It's knuckleheads like you and like the Teabaggers who are all in favor of democracy until they're in the minority, in which case they scream and flail and carry on.

And as usual, when a study comes up with some statistic you don't like, you insist that the study's authors are lying. Somehow when it comes to facts, it doesn't matter whether or not you think they're lying...

The truth of the matter is that a slim majority of Americans think that same-sex marriage should be legal. You can rant on about how you're right and gays are wrong and icky, but in the end, it's just your opinions that you're once again trying to pass off as facts.

I was in a small market near my house a little while ago. A woman in front of me was dirty with sores on her wrists and ankles, and something stuffed into her sweatshirt. Her demeanor was that of someone with some mental issues. She asked the cashier for something, and he responded sharply, rudely even, which is unusual for him. After she left he told me she's shoplifted, used the bathroom to clean clothes etc. 'I want to feel sorry for her but she causes me and other customers problems' he told me.

That sums up my feeling about men and women who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle. I feel sorry for someone unable to grasp something as basic as healthy sexuality, until they attack marriage and family and sexual health in others.
@21: YES, we know that you think that homosexuality is a mental illness. However, the APA, which actually defines, studies, and treats mental illnesses, says that homosexuality isn't a mental illness. You're entitled to your opinions, but you don't get to say that your opinions are facts. Do you understand the difference between opinion and fact?

You're also not allowed to insist, if the conclusions of a study/experiment disagree with your opinions, that its authors must be lying. Sometimes reality doesn't conform to your every whim, dudebro.

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