See ya, suckers! Outgoing University of Washington President Michael Young.
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  • See ya, suckers! Outgoing University of Washington president Michael Young will become the president of Texas A&M. He says Texas pays more attention to its public universities than our state does.

UW President Michael Young Departs for Texas A&M: "One of the attractions, he said, was the amount of money Texas lawmakers are interested in investing in the university system," reports the Seattle Times. "He expressed disappointment that Washington lawmakers haven’t done a better job here." And then there's the salary issue. At the UW, Young made $622,008 in base salary. At Texas A&M, a president made $1.6 million in 2013.

Russell Wilson Will Not Be Questioning Seahawks Coaching Calls: "Speaking at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Wilson said he didn’t second-guess the controversial play call that clinched the game for the Patriots," reports.

Rowdy Reception for Police Chief O'Toole in West Seattle "Seattle police chief Kathleen O’Toole‘s first 'community conversation' in West Seattle was cut short after a woman concerned about police brutality shouted down the chief and others before the meeting was an hour old," West Seattle Blog reports. "Those who had come to hear Chief O’Toole talk about West Seattle community crime issues tried in turn to get the protester to stop so they could ask their questions, but after a few minutes of semi-chaos, host Pete Spalding announced the meeting was over."

Meanwhile, O'Toole to Enact New Social Media Policy for Seattle Police: "Chief Kathleen O’Toole said Tuesday she is making changes in how the department handles social media after launching an investigation into an officer who posted racially charged comments on Facebook," KIRO reports. "The new policy, O'Toole said, will flag posts that might damage an officer's ability to serve, put him or her at risk, or harm the reputation of the department and its community relations." It grows, in part, out of The Stranger's reporting on the Facebook postings of Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.

The Edith Macefield House in Ballard Is Up for Foreclosure Auction: "The former house of Edith Macefield, who refused to sell to developers, is scheduled to go to foreclosure auction March 13," reports "After Macefield refused $1 million for her 1,000-square-foot, circa 1900 house, the developer of Ballard Blocks built the retail and office building around it... She died June 15, 2008, at 86. The following year, publicists for the Disney movie UP—about a man who uses balloons to fly his house out of the path of development—tied balloons to Macefield's house to promote the film."

State Health Care Exchange Short of Sign-Up Goal: "With less than two weeks remaining for people to buy health coverage for 2015, it’s going to be a scramble for the state insurance exchange to hit its goals," reports the Seattle Times. "The good news is that since the Affordable Care Act kicked in, hundreds of thousands of formerly uninsured people have coverage in Washington through the expansion of Medicaid and sale of individual health-insurance plans. The trouble for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, which runs the state insurance marketplace, is that too few people are buying their coverage through the Washington Healthplanfinder website, which needs to reach the enrollment targets to help pay for its operating costs."

SUV Headed Wrong Way on I-5 Crashes and Spills Stolen Goods: "The drama unfolded at about 2:30 a.m. when a Snohomish County deputy spotted a stolen SUV—the same one that had eluded officers during a pursuit the day before—as it headed south in the northbound lanes of I-5," reports KOMO. "As the deputy watched, the driver of the stolen SUV then darted onto the median and turned around at the I-405 interchange. The deputy took off in pursuit and was able to perform a pivoting PIT maneuver to stop the fleeing vehicle. The SUV then flipped over, scattering debris across three southbound lanes of the freeway."

The Elephant Justice Project is planning to sue the Woodland Park Zoo.
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  • The Elephant Justice Project is planning to sue the Woodland Park Zoo.

Elephant Lawsuit Planned Against Woodland Park Zoo: "Animal rights advocates have publicly announced plans to file a lawsuit in federal court against the Woodland Park Zoo to try to stop two Asian elephants from being sent to another zoo," KOMO reports. "The group Elephant Justice Project claims the Seattle park is violating the Endangered Species Act. It sent a 60-day notice to Woodland Park Zoo in mid-January about its plans to file the lawsuit, a spokeswoman said. The group claims the size of the elephant exhibit at the zoo and Seattle's climate have put the elephants, Chai and Bamboo, at risk."

The Silent-Reading Party Is Tonight! "Every first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m., the Fireside Room at the Sorrento Hotel goes quiet and fills with people... It fills right away with all these people who don't know each other, and they sit very close, sometimes three strangers to a couch. By 7 p.m., you can't get a seat. And there's always free music"—tonight, Paul Matthew Moore on piano.

And Zacarias Moussaoui Links Saudi Arabian Leaders to Al Qaueda: "In highly unusual testimony inside the federal supermax prison, a former operative for Al Qaeda has described prominent members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family as major donors to the terrorist network in the late 1990s and claimed that he discussed a plan to shoot down Air Force One with a Stinger missile with a staff member at the Saudi Embassy in Washington," reports the New York Times.