Has anyone set up a Yelp profile for Seattle Tunnel Partners yet? I'm feeling some comedy potential here.
"We'd heard that Seattle Tunnel Partners put on a great show, but it was so boring!" Thumbs down.
The popcorn's pretty great though! *munch, munch, munch*
"If I could give their tunnel half a star, I would. Showed up here pretty buzzed...first of all, anyone that knows me knows it was MY doesn't even got all the way through..."
Prediction: they have to close the viaduct, and after a few chaotic days without it, everybody calms the fuck down, finds alternate routes, car pools, etc., and realizes we don't need either the viaduct or the tunnel.

We go ahead and build the tunnel anyway, of course, but it becomes unusable within a year from leaks, cracks and sinking.

Meetings are held, various parties are blamed, and at least one investor flees the country. Eventually it's sealed up to protect the stability of the downtown area, and the powers that be agree to never discuss the matter again.
So Scott Kubly is just throwing drivers who must use the viaduct under the bus (literally) by failing to come up with any contingency plans for drivers if the viaduct becomes unusable thanks to this horrendous folly? Why am I not surprised? I wish he'd find another city to wreck with buses and trains and leave us the hell alone.
@6 He didn't pick the tunnel, mspat. The only ones to blame for our current situation and the lack of satisfying answers for it are the folks who insisted we build this project.
Did anyone read dorky munson's (My N.W.Com) article last week about strapping himself to the concrete wall that Bertha is supposed to bore through? Please do it dorky! I would pay money to watch you be torn to ribbons because of your republican stupidity and arrogance. Why KIRO keeps you around is the mystery of the year, you don't have many friends left because of your bizarre political outlook, not to mention your penchant for searching out stories that a man of your age should not be reporting on. It's a known fact that you are, well I won't go into that until you are gone from KIRO. Please retire before they boot your ignorant ass out the door. You are no longer relevant, no longer a source of news, unless it's your own bad news, and the persons I talk to are really tired of your one-sided bullshit. If you weren't so old I would recommend you going to work for rush (even stupider than you) limbaugh. You guys would make a good team, dumb and dumber.

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