Not building a safe new jail for with expanded facilities and programs for young criminals is illogical.
Not building a new jail with better facilities and services for young criminals is illogical.
100 year old water main. Did Sydney miss the 100 year old part? If it is that old, its at the end of its useful life anyway and needs to be replaced. So this is news how exactly. The fact that Pioneer Square has settled is sort of like claiming a bucket tipped and overflowed because someone added 1 more drop of water. Without the water already in the bucket, 1 drop would not have been an issue.

Good luck to City collecting anything from the State or tunnel contractor on that one.
Link to the letter (guest editorial) on the KC juvenile detention center has extra characters at the end. Should be…
good idea don't make the violent military wackos submit to background checks. disaster waiting to happen.
So the people with the barking dog got a court summons, did not think it important enough to bother with, and now they are on the hook for a half million.

I do not think their lack of sense should cost them a half million, but just deciding not to go to court when you get sued is extremely stupid. Did he not even knock on his neighbor's door? Then not doing anything until the Sheriff is there posting eviction notices?

"Hey, looks like Frank from next door is suing us for a huge amount."

"Eh, just throw it away and don't ask him any questions it is probably not too important."
Raindrop, i want to respond to you, but not sure which, @1 or @2?
Regarding the way that the Children and Family Justice Center is being reported on: King County is not building a kiddie jail. And I'm not merely arguing the semantic difference between "detention center" and "jail" which is ultimately meaningless, I mean that they're building a large facility, a small PART of which is a jail/detention center.

The CFJC will contain courtrooms, public defender offices, counselors, probation workers, anger management classes, dependency matters, child advocates, records offices, juvenile diversion services and on and on and on. And a jail. All of which is necessary regardless of incarceration policy.

If ten or twenty years of amazing progress go on, and we eventually reach a point where there's never any need to house a child for even a single night, is anyone really going to call it a waste of money that only 80% of the building is now necessary?

The YSC is a filthy, disgusting, rat trap, and it's unsafe in a number of ways. Unsafe for youth, unsafe for staff. The staff, the kids, their families...all these people deserve a safe, clean, modern facility.

Maybe $210M could be better spent elsewhere. But the voters approved $210M for THIS project.
I'm calling BS on the Tacoma hate crime.
@11 -- Stop it! You are adding too many facts to an ideological discussion!
@11. "Stop making sense, stop making sense,..." - The Talking Heads
The $15/hr minimum wage, even though not yet fully implemented, is causing job losses.

Read the company in their own words, as quoted here:…

When we demand a certain price point at REI for the goods, or we won't buy them, and costs go up, something has to give.
Same story as @15, no paywall:…

@15, two points. First, some companies may choose to move or expand elsewhere. This is not unexpected, nor a reason to halt minimum-wage expansion. The main thrust is to raise wages for service-sector jobs that are likely to stay (since services, unlike manufacturing, must be provided at the point of consumption). Though Cascade Designs chose to emphasize wages, it is clear from the story linked above that they rent plant space and can't find affordable real estate. In the food sector, franchisees need to punch up at their parent organizations and demand decreases in franchise fees as well as mandated expenditures for equipment, supplies, advertising, etc. instead of always punching down on their workers.

Second, state and local governments can choose to encourage small business, non-polluting light industry, etc. through many kinds of policy choices. Or they can dump 9 billion dollars into the gaping maw of Boeing.
@16, Or the service need not be provided at all, because the service being consumed is discretionary. That is why service sector jobs (particularly restaurant and hospitality) pay so poorly in the first place. You not only have the fast food, casual dining, or hotel (perhaps franchise or perhaps non-franchise) across the street that will sell an edible plate of calories, or a room, for less, but you also have the substitution effect where meals and nights out get substituted for meals and nights at home.

... and if franchises were doing all that great in terms of market returns for shareholders, then you would see capital being divested from other sectors and flooding into franchises. In general, you don't because the returns aren't all that lucrative. Punch up, and you get capital going to other sectors, like fast-food automation manufactures, where they can get a return commensurate with other risk-adjusted options.

I like door number 3. How about a positive externality in the market. We may training, education, and supports while people get education, much more prevalent than it is now, so that fast-food and hospitality jobs are not long-term jobs, but transitional jobs on the economic ladder while people get those skills to move on to higher paid work.

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