Home grows for all or GTFO.
There are no House medical cannabis bills, and Rivers' bill clearly kills medical in this state. We just saw all attempts to amend her bill fail in the Senate. Patients have only one choice at this point and that's to call their two representatives in the House and make it clear as possible to them that they will not have your vote in 2016 if they support this bill in the House. This bill is NOT "fixable"'s just go to be voted down.
I saw "Combines Medical and Recreational Markets" and was ecstatic because bringing the recreational system up to the level of the medical system would mean making the recreational system less of a totally-hamstrung joke that it is. I'm absolutely surrounded by dispensaries and miles from a recreational store and I'm not alone. But then I saw the registry bullshit; so of course this bill is awful.

Recreational stoners in Washington don't want to reduce patient access to pot; they want to increase access overall, because legal, recreational access is a joke. It's not mutually exclusive, no matter what the anti-legalization dispensary operators (that collectively sell huge volumes illegally to non-patients anyway) say. There's no good explanation for why I couldn't walk into the same building where a patient flashes their green card and buys pot that's designed "medical" and buy recreational pot myself. None.
@3: Seriously. The way to combine the two is simply to turn all of the existing dispensaries into legal recreational stores (and make them follow the same quality control), allow everyone to home grow at the same amounts now allowed under medical, redo the taxing scheme to bring the price on recreational into line with the price on medical. Presto. Problem fucking solved.
It's getting tiresome to see the "control" levied upon the ill and the poor.

These "leaders" are not leading, they are lording their opinions and their WRONG ideas upon those who can't fight back BECAUSE they are ill!

Washington state needs to learn about its leaders and then REPLACE THEM.

This isn't about partisanship! I am a REPUBLICAN and i am DISGUSTED at the lies, innuendos and force used against those who have been harmed, maimed and even DESTROYED by DOCTORS IN THIS STATE and in AGENCIES OUT OF CONTROL throughout the US.
"With the passage of this legislation, all patients have to look forward to is a bureaucratic, invasive, and complex patient registry system" - Wait, I thought that government oversight and regulation was a good thing?
@7 - no, but a sense of context is.
More lawsuits coming if this goes into law. Very disappointing that patients are being entirely left out. There will be no health care professionals to write authorizations under this plan. No inexpensive or free cannabis for those who can't afford it. Calling this "patient peotection" is a joke.
The "Microsoft Millionare" has given a whopping $25k to a PAC, and this is significant? And this is the same guy who raised all sorts of money to build a huge biodiesel plant in Grays Harbor County that totally never happened? Business genius. Another moderately smart guy who won the Microsoft lottery and went on to dumb things with additional zeros attached. What value has Martin Tobias added to anything? Certainly not pot. Very tired of rich people in this city. Dollars do not convey significance.
this bill is a long way from being signed.

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