Ok folks, let's keep this comment thread organized: unashamed racists first, "I'm just saying look at the statistics" racists second, and "all lives matter" racists third. Let's begin!
Just because it's a fact doesn't mean it SHOULD be a fact. Or that it has to continue.
He has a point. It's illegal for the poor colored folks and good white people alike to steal bread or sleep under bridges. Perfectly fair and totally not racist.
In fairness to Honeyford, racists are statistically more likely to commit stunning idiocy. That's an accepted fact.

Yeah. Nothing but racists here...oh, and assholes like you.
>and, uh, colored most likely to be poor.

when he actually said "people of color"

There's no need to make pull quotes even worse than what they actually were. Slog is going full-suck.
So, now it's racist to say that economic disparity causes crime, and to point out that people of color are more frequently the victim of that economic disparity, and that this is a primary reason that we see more people of color in the jail system (as well as an inability to afford expensive attorneys)?
@7 read on... he doubled-down

@8 the statement he makes sounds pretty bad -- the context confirms just how bad.
That's because white collar crimes aren't "really" crimes, now are they... HSBC execs won't go to jail. Dick Cheney won't go to jail. Their (and so many others') crimes surpass in scope -- by orders of magnitude -- the relatively minute crimes of property theft among & by the poor.
We all know it's very racist and logically incorrect to link A causes B and B causes C to mean A causes C. Otherwise, one could do crazy thinks like link lack of availability of paper bag handles in a store in an economically disadvantaged area to the store's parent company being racists who want to save a few cents by not giving blacks handles on their paper bags.
Washington drug laws never differentiated between crack and powder cocaine.
@11 - Hm. You mean like this?
245 years of US slavery => widespread systemic oppression of an entire cultural group that can't be undone in a mere 40 years => massive incarceration => poverty => crime.

You mean like that?

Or do you simply just not know your history?
Colored people = OMG racist republikkkan shitlord go back to Alabama!

People of color = SO progressive and empowering!

I will never understand this. It's the same fucking phrase but with the wording switched around. But whatever. Social constructs and such...
How would you like to be described, Fuckley?
@5 not to worry, sweetie - I was talking about everyone *except* you.
This old boofer needs to go and have his depends changed. Talk about an ancient racist, homophobic republican moron........I could go on and on.
@Ansel, Barbara Bailey might represent Skagit, but she represents other counties, too, and she sure as shit doesn't live there.…
Wow @6, I did Nazi that coming. "Brutal methods of social control"
I would be curious to know which sociology books he's referring to. Published in what year?
Sloppy, misleading journalism, Ansel. I've got no use for boneheaded white Republicans who profess to be confused in an attempt to mask their racial bias. But you laid your racial bias out for all to see by running a headline quoting an old white Republican referring to non whites as "colored" when in the text you print his actual reference to "people of color." These two terms clearly have different meanings in terms of cultural sensitivity. Pitty, as you were doing a good job calling their bigotry out (regardless of how culturally sensitive their references might have be) and then kill your credibility by running a fabricated and inflammatory quote.
I do not consider myself a racist but maybe subconsciously I am. I am a fairly intelligent human being. But I do not understand why race has anything to do with the punishment for committing a crime. I understand that the law for crack dealing is harsher than that of powder cocaine. Sorry if your race has anything to do with that. It is also a known fact that crack is far more addictive than powder cocaine, is more readily available and is cheaper. So it makes sense that poorer people will be involved with it. But the last time I checked ALL men are created equal we ALL have the same ability to change our lives. We ALL can leave any given situation at any given moment and make a difference in our lives. Sorry if you are unwilling to do so. But lets not make our laws in fear of racial consequences let's make them for the better of our communities and our world.
@21: Go watch the video. He used both terms.

You misspelled "pity."
@6- If you weren't whole-heartedly behind perpetuating the enormous wealth gap in this country your statement might not be quite so evil.

Since you oppose anything that would actually fix the problems, you're just an evil fucker.
@22: "It is also a known fact that crack is far more addictive than powder cocaine..."

No, it is well-known myth that crack is more addictive than powder. There is absolutely no pharmacological difference between crack and powder. They are the same motherfucking substance. What is different is in the usual route of consumption (smoking v. snorting or injecting).

It is, however, a well-known fact that the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder was driven by racially charged stereotypes and, in some cases, outright racism.
I am Racist, But I am blind, so I am jealous and hate people that can see any color. You all look alike to me BLACK.
@21- I'm not trying to be "culturally insensitive" but what is the distinction between "colored people" vs. "people of color "? They both sound outdated and racially biased to me.
f all colored people in America had jobs, the crime rate would start diminishing. But because of so much hate toward color people by racist people, they treat colored people (I believe we are all colored people, even white is a color, stupids) like guinea pigs in order to create more law and government jobs so that racist people or whites could make more jobs for themselves and tell color people what to do. Then that's how racist people in power create a fucked up system for colored people, by not giving them a home or good paying job, which is added to the struggle. Then to avoid being homeless and in poverty, some color people commit crimes on purpose to avoid homelessness and poverty by going to jail and then to prison, because at least in jail and prison they have a bed to sleep on and free food and the struggle eases. That is why so many color people commit crimes, and other reasons that hate by others in society or system create for them.

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