Jurors should nullify this unjust law.

The problem here isn't a juror problem. It's that these folks thought they could grow and deal illegal drugs without consequences. We have legal methods for changing laws with which we disagree. Simply ignoring them isn't one of them.

And the medical pot laws were always a lame joke. Some quack writes a note (a thing he or she is known for doing, so their office is always full of potheads looking for medical exemptions) and that trumps federal laws? BS.

I actually agree that pot should be legal, within the same bounds as alcohol. If someone wants to pollute their own mind and body that way and they're not causing others harm while high it's their business. But passing stupid state laws trumped by existing federal statutes isn't the route to allowing losers to get high if they wish. Changing those federal statutes is.
@3, Seattleblues wrote, "The problem here isn't a juror problem."

Right. The problem is bad law. Jury nullification can be the solution. The legislative branch made bad laws, the executive branch enforced bad law as well as its own administrative policy, and the judicial branch failed to strike it down. The jury can and should nullify.
Oh. Well then. All laws should be optional? Maybe disband all legislatures and courts?

These people knowingly broke federal law, thinkung maybe some drug dealing and getting high would be profutable and fun. The DEA disagreed, as did the DA. Maybe, if they're mentally incapacitated, some mercy should be given in sentencing. But despite what you and your friends would like (arrest all police officers in general principle, allow any and all behavior in public spaces- well, chaos really) we live by our laws and the centuries of precedent and principle that made them and our way of life possible. And these folks, Kshama Sawant and her fellow rabble rousing trash and whatever other citizens think the law doesn't apply to them need to learn otherwise.
@3 blathers "We have legal methods for changing laws with which we disagree. Simply ignoring them isn't one of them. "

that's fucking hilarious coming from you. Evict any more lesbians lately?
@3: "We have legal methods for changing laws with which we disagree. Simply ignoring them isn't one of them....Some quack writes a note...and that trumps federal laws? BS."
This from the guy who insists that because he doesn't like Obamacare and anti-discrimination laws, he can just ignore them and they won't apply to him. You're a JOKE, Seattleblues, and an unfunny one at that. The sad thing is that this is pretty small-scale hypocrisy by the usual standard of your posts.
@5: Don't worry, I'm sure that if/when you get in trouble for discriminatory leasing practices and tax evasion, you'll be able to get lighter sentencing as a result of being mentally incapacitated. Or possibly the absolute defense of 'not guilty by reason of insanity'! It's a pretty good indicator of your whacked-out mental state that you believe YOU get to pick and choose which federal laws to follow, but nobody ELSE does. That's gotta be clinical-level megalomania right there.
I'm probably really biased here because growing marijuana takes A LOT of water, which is going to be a huge problem as the planet gets warmer and rivers and lakes dry up, but it'd probably be difficult for the jury to believe that those people in the picture are sick. The parents, ok, growing old is hard, and they probably do have ailments that marijuana will help, but 28 pounds per month? Do they smoke all day?
Ok, I'm wrong, it's 28 pounds at the end of the growing season for each person. How many growing seasons are there each year? Everyone I knew that smoked had only a few plants inside their closet.

Great company all of these pro jury nullification people are keeping.
"these folks thought they could grow and deal illegal drugs without consequence",,,,, Nowhere was there evidence of any "dealing".
"Simply ignoring them isn't one of them. ",,,,,,Oh yes it is,,,it's called Civil Disobedience ...
@ Ken M
"Medical marijuana my ass, these people were dealers." ,,,,There was NO evidence of that.

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