Form letters are either ignored or sent to junk mail folders. Don't use them.
Tweet #NoMoreShell to @simpolfy and we'll tell the commissioners for you. If you sign up for an account, we'll also remind you what they did right before the election.
I don't think "conservationist" means what Bill Bryant thinks it means.
Doubling down Sydney? You really won over readers with the last article on this subject.…
I gave a fuck, it came back, so I killed it.
Drill baby, drill.
It's for the children.
Here's some sample verbiage - use it and/or change it to your liking:

Seattle is watching you very closely, Bill Bryant. If you do not have the moral backbone to do the right thing, consider that your job and nascent political dreams are very much on the line here.

You must rescind your dishonest decision to host Shell Oil Arctic drilling rigs in the Port of Seattle. This decision runs contrary to the very verbiage of your mission slogan: "Where a sustainable world is headed". You are showing yourself to be an opportunistic political LIAR.

Recently published research shows that burning any oil and gas from the Arctic will send our PLANET over the global warming tipping point and into disaster. Your decision says that you do not care because the money is good.

You should be ashamed of your craven cowardice and thus make the only moral and ethical decision: rescind the lease.
Keystone XL Pipeline KILLER argument suggests global trade is its main purpose for use: Alberta tar sands produces low-grade shipping fuel. Daoooh.

:Latest best fuck you Keystone argument: If we're going to build pipe, built it half the distance through less sensitive habitat Oklahoma to Dakota Bakkan fields; Reduces hazards of rail transport and terminal operation; Reduces demand for off-shore drilling in the Gulf; reaches world market, creating jobs safety upgrades on domestic petro facilities, fuels find more domestic uses.
Build Keystone to Dakota. Tell Warren Buffett Oregon/Washington want $5 Billion in damages for environmental and economic messes his BNSF boys leave behind all the time. Lousy BNSF work related to Port facilities. Bill Bryant will be a retired port director any time soon.
Thank you for educating us, Mr. Brownstone.

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