Is this where they tell us they smear the lens with vaseline?
Idiotic is a word that seems to fit here.

The purpose of the bodycam is to let the public see and hear what is happening. The reasons behind this purpose are two.

1/ So the public can see and hear what is happening.
2/ So the officers will conduct themselves in a manner they are comfortable with the public seeing and hearing.

Together, these two things are supposed to accomplish a miracle. But rather than give the police a reason to act like men, we give an award to the fellow who smears Vaseline in our eyes and stuffs our ears with cotton.

...hang on. "We" didn't give the police an award for finding a way around our supervision. The Washington Coalition for Open Government did.

Just who are those guys, anyway? And who the heck is Tim Clemens?
That reminds me, is Tim Clemens still requesting all e-mails from all public agencies ?

@2, he's the kid who established his own record for most consecutive visits to the space needle and is in the midst of a 5 year mission to visit it every day.…

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