i hope to god the capitol hill housing endorsement of burgess is from prior to this announcement. they are a seriously troubled organization if that endorsement still stands following this announcement (this coming from someone who admires their work a lot and has had multiple friends work for them).
HAHA his parents bought him a foreclosed home. What a jerkoff.

Sorry, I ain't voting for Richie Rich.
Rent control in booming Seattle?

Since WA state has some form of prohibition against rent control. I'm not sure how far the City of Seattle can push that envelope. But more protections for renters would help.
Rent stabilization is not rent control. And shame on those housing organization directors. Yes, Burgess is powerful, but they didn't have to endorse anyone as individuals.
having anybody we can in the corner of local renters is a good thing
Transit Oriented Development is gentrification targeted at communities of color on Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley. By the time those new "low income" units come on line, those folks will be long gone.
Well, we know that Tim helped guide the arena deal in Seattle. That's done (even if Seattle's arena review panel report was based on the public getting involved in a deal with BOTH the NBA and NHL committed). Where does Grant stand on the Murry-floated idea of modifying the MOU to NHL first/only ?…
(and just how nobody at The Stranger took note of Murray's positioning of the NBA and NHL as "non-gay culture investment" I will never know).
Objecting to tent cities isn't a bad thing if the support for tent cities maintains the status quo on how they function. The current tent city model, the one in place for the past 10 years, is one that traps the campers in and doesn't help them move into stable and safe housing. And tent cities do not collaborate with other service providers such as employment programs or housing programs or medical for that matter. All the things that are valuable and necessary to exist in any program assisting homeless people. So voters, ask Tim Burgess why he opposed tent cities. Was it because of the ineffective model, cost and outcome wise, that is continually lobbied for by organizations like Sharewheel? And ask Jon Grant what he proposes then for tent cities and all other homeless services. Is he going to maintain the ineffective status quo or revamp homeless services so providers are mandated to implement innovative, statically proven effective programming that every other major city in the country has implemented but Seattle? Why is Seattle still practicing with pilots programs at best and funding organizations that don't collect data and do not provide services that actually reduce homelessness?
Rent control! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…

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