(Some) state Democrats to low-income borrowers in Washington State: Fuck you guys. You know who we really care about? A company whose logo is money growing on a tree.Andrey_Kuzmin/Shutterstock

It's Shit Like This, Democrats: For more than an hour last night, the state senate's newest crop of progressives—led by Senators Cyrus Habib and Pramila Jayapal—fought valiantly against a bill that rolls back hard-won 2009 reforms of the payday loan industry. The proposal "decimates protections for poor folks that so many worked so hard to put into place in 2009 when we regulated the industry," says Jayapal. "There are certainly winners and losers in this one: The winners are the lenders. The losers? Poor folks, people in crisis, working families." Jayapal et al. were up against longtime senators within their own party, like Marko Liias, who've taken thousands in campaign contributions from Seattle-based lender Moneytree. Eventually, the gutting of the reforms passed 30-18. Now the bill goes over to the state house, which means it's up to house Speaker Frank Chopp to make sure it's dead on arrival.

Also in the State Senate: Lawmakers approved a stronger ban on smartphone use while driving and green-lighted medical pot for those battling post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fast-Food Chains Face Uphill Battle Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Law: That's according to some observers who were in the Seattle courtroom yesterday, where lawyers for McDonald's and other big chains argued that franchise owners deserve equal protection under the law (here's how odious that argument is). Federal judge Richard Jones didn't seem too convinced, reports Al Jazeera America.

Chief Kathleen OToole to the assistant chiefs who presided over SPDs descent into federally-mandated reforms: GTFO.
Chief Kathleen O'Toole to the assistant chiefs who presided over SPD's descent into federally-mandated reforms: GTFO. Ansel Herz

Ahead of Command Staff Shakeup, Seattle Police Department Recruits Amazon Executive: Police chief Kathleen O'Toole will name a new cadre of assistant chiefs today—they're Robert Merner from Boston, Perry Tarrant from Yakima, along with Steve Wilske and Lesley Cordner from within SPD—and will demote their predecessors to the rank of captain. Plus, this morning the department announced that Greg Russell, a former Amazon vice president, has joined the department as its chief information officer. He'll direct SPD's bodycam project, data analytics, and with any luck, he'll make the department's public-records system as efficient as it ought to be. "The more transparent you can be with information, the better," he tells the SPD Blotter. "If you can show the public that you’re sharing the good news and the bad news, you become more trustworthy."

FBI Found a Robber's Underground Bunker in Sammamish: The guy who built it was featured on America's Most Wanted in 2011. "Agents think Bradley Steven Robinett may have built two other bunkers in the state," KOMO reports.

Paul Constant Is Writing About Politics Again: Over at Horse's Ass, he demolishes Jeb Bush's health-care plans.

Take the Pledge Today: I, [your name here], pledge not to fuck the wearer of an Apple Watch.

How Is the Fiesta Ole 5K Run Still a Thing? It's an annual radio-station-sponsored run where people apparently... dress up as stereotypical Mexicans. Seattlish wants to know why this is still a thing. Oh, I dunno... WHITE SUPREMACY? John Oliver wants to know too: