Great news! Drug dealers can flout felony level federal law at will in this country now! What could possibly go wrong with that kind of precedent?
The US Attorney's office is angry that they didn't win everything in the case and are now trying to be dicks about it. They are basically saying "fight us and we'll use every dirty trick we can to screw you over". The climate of federal prosecutors is one of the most disturbing issues in this country.
@1: You don't really get to comment on flouting laws you know. You are all for flouting laws you don't like after all. So maybe you should just hush.
@1 What could go wrong? This particular demonstration of human decency might eventually filter down through society, eventually reaching your location at the very bottom of the seventh pit of hell, thereby providing you with some small measure of decency yourself. Still, the guilt you will eventually feel at the way you've treated others all these years might be a little hard on you at first. I'm sure you'll overcome it in the long run, though. I have faith even in your chances of redemption.
@1 What's funny is that the prosecution was unable to produce any evidence that they were actually, you know, dealing drugs. What could possibly go wrong with your reading comprehension?

Oh right, everything.
Hey Heidi,

"The defense also makes a case it couldn't make it court" <-- Little typo there.

Glad to hear this has worked out better than it could.
28 pounds of dope brought into this area by one of these criminals- for personal use?

These were grower/dealers plain and simple.

I don't happen to think a pothead frying his or her brain with regulation similar to that around alcohol hould be criminal, federally or state. I voted to legalize pot in this state, thiugh I personally would never use the garbage. But it is against federal law, and state law in the way they were growing. These people knew it was and is. Let's be rational. Nobody grows 100 plants for personal use. They do so to use and sell, at best. This has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with the rule of law.
@1, 7, 8:

"criminal justice system"
Great news! I think they should get a $75 fine and be done with it.
@13: Based on the Sentencing Guidelines Calculator I got 6-10 months. I'm not sure if this is accurate though. It brings the level down to 10 in the calculator (from 12 with -2 points for acceptance of responsibility). Other documents I've read have it start at 14. In the worst case I get 15-21 months. There is no good conduct time for less than a year sentence, so I'm guessing they will get 6 months and credit for time served.
I'm trying to feel sympathetic towards these poor simple folk, but the dude who took the plea deal is/was a long time grower/dealer who apparently recruited these people to grow for him. Not exactly a mom & pop operation.
Subhumanblues is certainly doing a good job stepping on its sexual organ in this thread. Let's see if it continues to do so.
@1 As a child you are expected to learn the rules. As an adult you are expected to learn the exceptions.

Also, by definition drug dealers already flout federal law. What could go wrong with a precedent like that? Great question. I'm at a loss. Maybe it will encourage more people to grow weed? The horror.

There is no legal way to grow dealer levels of pot, or even person use levels. Washican pass a law at odds with federal drugs laws. And Washington can choose not to prosecute unregulated dealer/growers like these people.

Likewise, the federal government can choose to ignore violations of federal pot laws, as Holder announced. Which only means the law is enforced capriciously when dealers like these think to pretend "medical" use at 28 pounds apiece and the feds think otherwise. Because rhe attorney general refused to do his job, enforcing the laws, it left independent prosecutors with the only guideline being 'what do you think is popular with leftist voters?'
@18 when wild cannabis is found growing does the earth get taken to court for growing cannabis?


i wonder why people arrested under the umbrella of the 'war on drugs' aren't considered P.O.W. s
@8: It's against federal law to refuse to pay your taxes, and it's against (Washington) state law to refuse to renew a lease to tenants based on their sexual orientation. What gives, man? Are you in favor of the impartial rule of law, or are you against it?
Oh that's right. You're only in favor of people following laws that they like. Or rather, you're in favor of YOU only following laws that YOU like, and you figure that other people should face the consequences of their actions. But not you! You're SPECIAL and don't have to comply with any laws you don't like.
@20: Best to just ignore SB. This poster has never actually engaged in a real conversation here. The only purpose for SB's posts are to troll others.
What a load of bullshit "journalism." The aggressive attempts at prosecution and the archaic federal laws regarding marijuana are undoubtably worthy of investigation and derision. But the defendants broke not only the federal laws but also the state laws! This reads like an emotional pro-pot plea, and if anything does a disservice to the medical and recreational legalization movements.
"Great news! Drug dealers can flout felony level federal law at will in this country now! What could possibly go wrong with that kind of precedent?",,,,maybe the same thing that happened when the colonists in Boston decided to ignore the tea tax...

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