This guy as governor? Ewwwwww. WA.GOV

Climate-change-denying, reproductive-rights-denying Republican senator Andy Hill is thinking about running for governor next year, according to a confidential e-mail message obtained by The Stranger.

Hill narrowly defeated Democrat Matt Isenhower to hold on to his seat representing Bellevue Redmond last year, and currently chairs the senate budget committee. Shortly before the election, I wrote about allegations that Hill called Democratic canvassers "thugs" at a fundraising dinner. Here's hoping he runs! I get the feeling Inslee would mop the floor with him.

The leaked e-mail is addressed to "a very select group of my fellow mainstream Republicans" from Sam Reed, a former Washington secretary of state. Reed talks about having breakfast with Hill and walking away believing it's a "real possibility" that Hill will run for the state's highest office. Reed also suggests an awareness that public discussion of Hill's candidacy would make his maneuverings in the legislature look even more political than they already are.

"Since Andy chairs the Senate Ways & Means Committee," Reed wrote, "he has to avoid sending the Democrats any indication of this……which is why this e-mail is confidential."

Reed confirmed via e-mail the authenticity of the message. Hill did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment. The text is below.


I’m sending this email to a very select group of my fellow mainstream Republicans. You’ll see why.

I had breakfast this morning with State Senator Andy Hill. I wanted to find out if there is a real possibility of him running for governor.

I came away from our breakfast believing that there is a real possibility.

Andy is talking with some key people. He is doing a few talks on the Lincoln Day circuit. He is giving it very serious consideration. He had excellent, substantive questions for me – about running for statewide office.

Since Andy chairs the Senate Ways & Means Committee, he has to avoid sending the Democrats any indication of this……which is why this email is confidential.

I have found it interesting that some of the key Republican leaders around the state and the large donors want Andy to be the candidate.

It’ll probably be summer before he will announce one way or another.

In the meantime, I’m going to “keep my powder dry.” You may want to do the same.

For you who don’t know Andy, I’ll put his bio underneath this email.