The port commission is maybe not the level at which oil or climate policy is made.

This is a bit like holding the school board responsible for the Iraq war.
Has the EPA greenlighted Shell's Arctic drilling plan? I recall the 9th Circuit sent it back to them last year as under-cooked.
Not holding my breath for any real action, but at least we'll know who the shell-outs are.
I'm sure a disapproving letter from the Seattle City Council will put a stop to this whole thing.
@1 and your point is ...?

Sure are a lot of anti-environmentalists around here lately. Or maybe just cynical assholes.
I guess the point is that I hate to see well meaning people waste their time in this way.

Even if they succeed and the drilling ships don't dock in Seattle; nothing significant has changed.

Drilling won't stop. Oil exploration will continue.

Will Seattle enviro's feel better because they don't have to look at it?
@5 I don't think that the negative postings are anti- environmentalist, I don't think that the City Council is going to be the deciding factor if Shell continues to drill. Just because they parked their rigs here for the winter, everyone is going berserk about drilling. It's not going to stop. As soon as the rigs leave everyone will go back to normal, driving their cars around, heating their homes with oil, and mowing lawns with gas powered machines, smacks of hypocrisy to me.
Does anyone realize how many things are made with Petroleum products besides Gasoline?

If you didn't, get a clue.…
Drilling and burning Arctic oil is incompatible with a 2°C maximum global temperature rise in this century. It's crazy that we even have to send this letter, but if (Seattleite) Sally Jewell as fixing to let Shell loose in the Chukchi Sea to drill and spill then we should definitely send this letter. We should also oppose the harboring of Shell's arctic fleet in our harbor by other means.

The city has permitted the use of Terminal 5 by the port for the loading and unloading of cargo ships. The Port commissioners knew that they were ducking an environmental review for other uses and they shouldn't be allowed to do so. Having Shell-fucking-oil skirting a meaningful public review of their environmental practices should ring every alarm bell in even the dimmest skull.

Jesus Table-Flipping Christ, I guess we do get the government we deserve.

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