I'm pretty sure the "raft in the foreground" is a RHIB, or Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat, and not a raft. They're a little less Huck Finn, and a little more Coast Guard in terms of performance.
I love this picture. Really, I do.

This group is out there protesting. Their boat is Burning Gasoline. What allows them to Protest, is the VERY thing they're protesting against. Their clothing that they're wearing to keep warm while they protest drilling for Oil. Is made from Oetroleum products. Ha-Ha! Too ironic to say the least.
I worry about inexperienced capsized protesting kayakers.
@3 Darwin will take care of the protesting kayakers, by the way they drove their cars with said kayaks on the roof of their Subaru's or old Volvo station wagons.

Right, because only Luddites and primitive hunter-gatherers are allowed to protest the rampant destruction of our global ecosystem. Are you also one of those types who think only gun-owners can comment about the 2nd Amendment, too?


They could have been driving hybrids or electrics, you never know.
@5, hybrids burn gas, electricity in this area may very well come from a coal / natural gas plant (thought some of it could come from hydro). Modern nuclear energy is really the only low impact renewable energy source, but to admit it would cause most of you Hipster PETA PBR-Drinking Crunchies heads to explode.

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