The lady on the sidewalk has a point - his self righteous, rude attitude is primarily the reason most people hate cyclist.
500 comments on Reddit? Quick get this up on our Slog! There's gold in them clicks!
Millions of our taxdollars went to creating that special track for that special bicyclist. After all those dollars spent, this lady makes him have to GO AROUND (gasp!) her car?! His vitriol is more than warranted, and she deserves every ounce of the harassment she'll receive from angry internetters.
A pox on both your houses.
As soon as she walks away just key her car.
I've been biking to and from work every day for 4 years, and I think he should have been waaaay nicer than that. Whether or not it was his intent, he escalated the situation unnecessarily, and I really think she was just in a hurry and didn't immediately realize she'd parked incorrectly.
No one wants to be lectured by another adult, a simple "you're in the bike lane asshole!" ride-by would suffice.
I so wish there was a war on cars, because I'll tell you, this is exactly the kind of move that should have dire consequences.
Bicyclists are so rude. If you park your car in the middle of a car lane the other motorists are unfailingly polite and understanding! That's why everyone loves car drivers. You should try parking your car on Denny Way to see how polite and understanding drivers are.
As soon as she walks away, key the car.
Arg, accidental double post.
She supports bikers but that guy, THAT GUY! is the ONE reason that drivers don't like bikes.

Whew, looks like I'm off the hook. Typical driver attitude, "I will do whatever I want and my convenience is paramount to your safety." Same bitch would be screaming if she saw a cyclist roll through a stop sign, "Follow the rules of the road!"

Loved the part where random passersby walk up and pile onto the cyclist; the driver is clearly in the wrong but she already made up her mind.
Anyone that says he escalated the situation didn't watch the video. He asked her if she was aware that she was not parked in a parking lane, and she said, "I literally don't give a fuck about anything you have to say." She escalated, not him.
Signs are meaningless- 72 hour roadside suspensions of driving licenses & impounding the car by towing it works
I read a piece in the Atlantic recently about language and it's fluctuating, relative nature. They pointed out how the definition of "literally" is changing based on use (my favorite line was 'Dictionaries don't dictate common language; they reflect it.') So I don't really even give a shit anymore that people use the term correctly or incorrectly. My concern is just the fact that we somehow find it necessary to include the word in their every spoken sentence. It's just literally weird.
@8 Who escalated the situation? You need to watch the video again, he was very polite, addressed her as ma'am, and even phrased his complaint into a question to give her the easy out - "Oh, I didn't realize, my bad!" Her reaction instead was to tell him "she doesn't give a fuck."

I agree she was probably in a hurry but she knew that wasn't a valid parking spot. Oh a whole block of empty spots DOWNTOWN? What luck! Bullshit.
It's pretty awesome when she starts the conversation by saying "I literally don't give a fuck about anything you have to say" and then proceeds to complain about his attitude. You parked your car where it doesn't belong, asshole. Prepare to get some shit for it. Once you act this way, the biker can pretty much cop whatever attitude he wants, because you kicked off the interaction by being an asshole and then decided to double down on it instead of saying "oops." I'm surprised he didn't take a shit on your hood.

Bikers should just start keying cars who do that. Dumb fucking yuppies like that chick care too much about their precious autos to keep violating the rules if it actually affects THEM negatively
Looks like 3 assholes to me.

A simple loogie on the windshield ought to be enough.
Next time, just quietly let the air out of these entitled bitches' tires to temporarily immobilize their cars, then call parking enforcement so they can undergo the learning experience of paying the following impound and admin fees:

Detailed towing costs

This table shows the towing fees charged by Lincoln Towing under its current contract with the City of Seattle. The contract, which runs through June 17, 2018, allows the contractor to request the rates be inflated by the Consumer Price Index each year beyond the base year, starting June 19, 2014.

Impound Fees Rates through 6/30/15
Class A $110.50 / impound
Class B $159.00 / hr
Class C $201.50 / hr
Class E $159.00 / hr
Driving While License Suspended $103.00 / impound

Storage Fees Rates through 6/30/15
20' or under $13.00 / 12 hour increment
Each increment over 20' 100% of Storage Fee
Driving While License Suspended $12.00 / 12 hour increment
Each increment over 20'+A1 $12.00 / 12 hour increment

Additional service fees Rates through 6/30/15
Dolly Fee $48.50 / impound
Winch Fee $73.00 / hr
Extra Driver Fee 50% of Class A Fee
Extra Truck Fee 75% of Applicable Impound Fee
Mileage $6.50 / mi
Hook and Release Fee 50% of Applicable Impound Fee

City Administrative Fee Per Rule
Regular $35
Driving While License Suspended $67
Scofflaw Parking $67
Ooo a post about bicycles! This will knock the post about Black Brunch out of top comments for sure!
Ima gonna pop some popcorn.
Oh dear. Boorish behavior all around, I'm afraid, but I admit that I do sort of like the "I literally don't give a fuck about anything you have to say" line. I think it all day long, but I never say it to people.
#6: Don't be a gossip tease. Tell us what company or it's not true.
Ansel is the "Get Jesse" of The Stranger.
This would be a SLOG perfect storm if the lady was smoking while on her way to a Pro-Zionist All-Vegan brunch and the bike was towing a trans pitbull.
Entitled bitch. She started with the foul-language downshift.

I wouldn't key the car, unless she flipped me off like this.
Those posting here recommending keying cars or letting air out of tires are far bigger assholes than she is -- and she's a major asshole for sure.
@23 best summation
LOL @28
I hate myself for being click-baited.
As mentioned above...let's see how understanding car people would be if bicyclists parked in their travel lanes. This whole notion that bicyclists are assholes is simply manufactured by car people to shield their own issues.
Also, the biker might be the biggest asshole for having a helmet-cam and a youtube channel. Christ, get over yourselves people.
Lady on the sidewalk is such a femenist. She'll agree with a woman because she has a vagina even though she is clearly wrong and doesn't hesitate to attack the man. I wanna see a female on female confrontation of the same magnitude. Watch the lady on the sidewalk not say a word and go up to whoever is the last to pull away and say I agree with you. She must've been beefing at all her exs because she sure piles on this guy who makes a valid argument.
Once the situation got to that level, the correct response by the biker would have been to get in front of her car, refuse to move out of the way, and call 911. The cops won't do much to resolve the situation - they never do - but they will delay her for a good half hour while taking everyone's statement. If she is in such a fucking hurry, she'll think twice about parking in the bike lane next time.
so did you report this, send a copy to the police and demand she gets a ticket. You have the proof, sue if the police do not ticket her!
@34 bikes parking in car lanes would be called "dead bicyclists."

BTW. Just owning a bicycle makes one a candidate for the next incarnation of the Dali Llama. True fact.
As a pedestrian, bicyclists are the biggest menace to me - far and away more than any car ever has been. The two or three good law-abiding ones out of every hundred aside, I've been run down three times in the last three years because a bike decided the red light facing them didn't matter and the fact I was already in the crosswalk mattered even less. In an effort to be even bigger assholes, when they can't foul up traffic on the street, then they take to the sidewalk in a roller-derby style so nowhere is safe. Asshats the lot of them.
Anyone can be an asshole and there's definitely no shortage of them among either drivers or cyclists.

But, in this particular instance the driver is clearly the asshole...
@33 Yes, damaging her car would be a shitty move.

Of course a cyclist running a stop sign generally puts no one in danger except for the cyclist while this lady is creating a potentially dangerous situation for every cyclist that rides by and has to swing out into the other lanes. Totally the same thing.

You are the typical entitled driver.
@37 - cars have the ability to go backwards.
This guy is a goddamn homie.
"I'd love to keep moving except you're blocking the bike lane get the hell out."
Since the law charges more money if the blocking vehicle causes a collision, carefully run yourself into her car. Then the cops will surely get involved, and she gets the fine for sure.

She was a total bitch. But he was not great either. That said, I had a driver chew me out for nothing commuting on my bike the other day, and he wouldn't let up, so I called him a fucking dick. Because he was.
As mentioned above...let's see how understanding car people would be if bicyclists parked in their travel lanes. This whole notion that bicyclists are assholes is simply manufactured by car people to shield their own issues.

Or, for that matter, if a fellow car parked in the middle of their lane. I was on a bus once at 85th and Aurora. A white van temporarily parked, insanely and hilariously, right in the middle of the intersection, and ducked into the AM-PM for a hot dog. When he returned to his vehicle the profane contempt being righteously and vigorously, and justifiably heaped on him was nothing compared to the mild rebuke that sent this woman off. The notion that this demonstrates some sort of unique rudeness on the part of cyclists is ludicrous. If you doubt it, try parking your car on a busy thoroughfare and see how you're treated by motorists.
@40 Complete bullshit.

First off, a greater percentage of drivers break the law than cyclists. Second, how many pedestrians have been killed by cyclists in Seattle in the last 10 years? How many were killed by drivers? Why don't you look that up and get back to me.

I also absolutely don't believe you about 3 times in 3 years unless you are leaping out in front of them intentionally.
@40...bullshit. I'm primarily a pedestrian...have been in this city for more than a decade...and to conclude that bikes are a bigger threat to pedestrians than cars is simply nonsense.
@42 except i ride AND drive! holy shit! what a novel concept!

and to think that a cyclist running a stop sign ONLY endangers the bicyclist EVERY TIME is funny. way to be selfish and way to be able to expand your thinking beyond the specific and apply it to the general. herp a derp ...real complex thinker you are.
Just push the idiot over, his little fairy feet are probably clipped into the peddles :) I love that right as he starts crying like a little girl another biker just rides around.
@46 Amen. This thread is evidence of how out of balance this culture is. This bicyclist was so mild; to even suggest that he's an asshole or out of bounds even slightly here ONLY reflects the dominance of entitled car culture.
While calling the cops is probably best, I don't hate the keying idea, especially if you've got them within reach so you don't need to slow down. It doesn't actually damage the car in any functional way, but it strikes at the fundamental vanity so characteristic of car people--not enough to have a have your own personal human and animal-killing, planet destroying machine because you're too lazy to get around any other way/and too entitled to learn where you're allowed to store it, but it has to look pretty, too! Keying is a perfectly reasonable response, and if a norm of keying cycletrack-parked cars ever caught on, we'd see a lot less of this, at least from the non-delivery vehicles.
@49/@50 are likely just trolls, and probably the same person. Creating an anonymous account just to bash bikes is silly.
It's probably confusing for some people to not park next to the curb. Bike lanes are fairly new in some places. But being rude is rude.
Would be really dangerous to change lanes in that situation, the car of the 2nd lady who properly parks in the lane to the left has created a tight gap to squeeze through. Why could the first lady not park a car's width further left is totally bonkers.
Ahhh, another bike post. I always love reading the comments.
If the biker don't like it, he can drive a car. Or just go around. The fact that he GoPros is disturbing in itself. He's looking for trouble. All he had to do was snap a pic, w/lic #, and move on. Then at work email, or post it to whoever he cries to.
What was it 24/48 hours ago when all the cyclists here were gloating. 99 was blocked for 8 hours causing massive gridlock across Seattle and it filled them with glee. Now some idiot causes a minor and easily circumvented blockage to a bike lane and it a massive deal that must be addressed immediately. You know what, I got home just fine.
Let's call a spade a spade here. Vehicle drivers don't always follow the rules. Cyclists also don't always follow the rules. If both parties would do their part and follow the laws, things would be fine. He could have handled the situation differently. Antagonizing the woman wasn't going to help anything. She could have also handled it differently. As a predominantly vehicle only commuter living in north Fremont, I see plenty of cyclists not following the laws, including the guy who came up behind my car when I was taking a right and hit my back bumper with his bikelock because he felt he should get to go in front of me. Actions like this are what are making Seattle drivers so fed up with the cycling community. Share the road. Both sides. Share the road. Follow the laws. It's not that hard.
What I wrote:
"Of course a cyclist running a stop sign GENERALLY puts no one in danger except for the cyclist"

What you claimed I wrote:
"and to think that a cyclist running a stop sign ONLY endangers the bicyclist EVERY TIME is funny."

I ride and drive too, the vast majority of cyclists also drive.

Herp a derp indeed.
Well, at least we know she's not LITERALLY sleeping around in regarding what the dude was saying. She probably "literally can't even," too. Also, people can be assholes/bad at using vehicles of any type regardless of their transportation choice. It is always fun to watch the two sides go at it, though.
@60...again...sense of proportion. Bikes are cars are not comparable proportionately. This mythology that bikes are primarily assholes "and that's what's making Seattle drivers so fed up" is simply your way of trying to couch your entitled sense into something rational. It's not. There's no justification for car drivers to be fed up with bikes. You don't, actually, own the public spaces.
@60 "Let's call a spade a spade here."

Ok. You are an entitled asshole driver. You started off so well with the reasonable observation that everyone breaks the rules but ultimately come to the conclusion that it is the cyclist's actions that are causing drivers to be so fed up with cycling. Yet the driver was CLEARLY in the wrong here. Do you really think he was antagonizing her with his very reasonable request to not park in the bike lane? Translation: "Bikes should know their place because my car is bigger. Yes, we drivers should follow the rules but when we don't those pesky bikers better just suck it up."

Share the road.
@6 and @61: Okay. FYI, though: I will seek to delete and ban anyone who goes further and posts identifying personal information, about either the driver or the cyclist, in this comment thread. That is not okay.
I walk to work. I've walked to work on The Hill for over twenty years. As pedestrian you're vulnerable to every kind of vehicle. And near misses happen more and more up here. from all sides.

Cars are more likely to KILL me if they do hit me. And our over reliance on cars is killing our cities and the planet. Cars blow stop lights and crosswalks regularly on the Hill. At least once a month I see it. So I hate cars and generally disfavor them by how I vote and live.

However, I am more often nearly hit by bikes while walking.

Sure i won't die. But it's infuriating the entitlement and attitude most riders have now. Bicyclists constantly ride against traffic with headphones on. And on the sidewalks at high speed, coming from behind, and nearly slam into you. Every week on the Hill. At least twice I'm nearly hit. It's getting worse and worse.

I yell at both cars and bikes when they endanger me. And only once has a car ever stopped and some dude climb out and thinks he wants to fight me. Once in 23 years.

But yell at Bicyclists? Eeeeeverybody's a tough guy. All the time. The most recent about a week ago by Cal Anderson. More often lately do bikers think they're tough guys and want to throw for THEM being pricks and nearly hitting you. Well. At first. Until they realize I'm way bigger than they are and then they skeedaddle.

So, yeah. I hate bicycles. I didn't used to, but I do now. Because of how irresponsible about 60% of the riders are on The Hill. I hope they start taxing the fuck out of new bikes to pay for bike infrastructure and if they start saying bikes need to be licensed - I'll vote for it. Theoretically I favor bikes and I'll vote for more bike tracks just to get you assholes off the sidewalks. But realistically most of you are dicks.

Cars and bikes. You're all trying to kill us pedestrians.

A helmet camera is a crown from the Kingdom of Douchery.
Aaaand, /thread.
I would like to see SPD enforce the rules on stopping at pedestrian crosswalks. I'm sending in videos as notice for a lawsuit.
@65 he didn't come across well from the start, and neither did you. She got defensive because of his tone. I agree, she was rude. He didn't help the matter any. And thanks for calling me an asshole. Just helping prove my point.

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