Also, It seems to me that, we could have read how thunderstorms were becoming less (not more) frequent because of climate change and we wouldn't have been the wiser, given how malleable and politically charged the entire topic has become.
Loving your climate chaos coverage Sydney. Going beyond the "if it bleeds it leads" journalism, kudos.
Oh Jesus. it was a little lightning.

Kind of like the rest of the country has on a continual basis.
@2 & @4: Laugh now, but don't come crying like Bishop Bickering from "Caddyshack" (1980) should you get zapped later. Climate change is real. Get ready for the water wars.
We should go back to calling it "global warming.". Climate change is ambiguous and non-committal.
@5: And that kinda makes you feel happy, doesn't it?
mmmm thunder and lightning. soothing.
Remember the rules: if there's more lightning, it's climate change. If there's less lightning, it's climate change. If lightning stays the same ... it's climate change!
Bunch of babies! When I first moved to Seattle from the Washington, D.C. area in 1990, I saw grown men in a Seattle office run around unplugging every appliance and shutting down huge printing presses because a little bit of thunder was heard. It was hilarious to watch the terror on these men's faces! Stay away from the southern part of the U.S., then. Atlanta, GA gets some bad lightning every spring and summer. We had some two nights ago. Twenty-three more days and I am moving back to Washington state. The South can have all that crap weather!
Yawn. Sydney has apparently never set foot in Nebraska. Yesterday's lightning was a fun show.

Hey author, get back to us when you start growing and canning all your own food (so that it doesn't have to be transported by fossil fuel-consuming trucks) and when you only travel by foot or cycle.

Global climate change is a direct result of industrialization. If you don't like it, forego having children and work to support new nuclear power installations.
What about ball lightening?

Will I need to wear running shoes at all times to escape it as I walk the streets?
Join the church of climate change or you'll be assploded by lightening. That's some old testament shit, that.
@13 for the win!

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