About 400 people have donated $114,000 to get City Council President Tim Burgess reelected.
About 400 people have donated $114,000 to get city council president Tim Burgess reelected. City of Seattle

If Seattle City Council president Tim Burgess was having a bad week (he got a new challenger; he seems genuinely bummed Sally Clark is leaving the council), maybe money can help.

In his bid for reelection, Burgess has now raised about $113,000 in cash, with $34,500 of that rolling in over the last month, according to his campaign and filings with the state Public Disclosure Commission.

All that cash comes from almost 400 donors, including a few notable gifts of $700, the maximum allowed. They come from Space Needle Inc. chair Jeffrey Wright; port commissioner Tom Albro; Craig Schafer, who owns the Hotel Andra, sits on the Downtown Seattle Association's board, and was a pro-business voice on the mayor's minimum wage task force; and lobbyist Rebecca Bogard, who represents, among others, city and state tourism groups and Taser International, which makes police Tasers and body cameras. Burgess has spent just under $19,000—on consulting and events.

It's hard to tell exactly how Burgess's competitors or his fellow incumbents are faring in the money race just yet because not all of them have updated their filings to show how much they raised in March. But as it stands now, Burgess is ahead of any of anyone else running for the council. We'll have a better idea about this on Friday when everyone's totals are updated over at the PDC.

Still—and remember, this is without full reporting from March—the current numbers show former tenants union director Jon Grant has raised about $20,800 in cash; longshoreman John Persak has raised about $17,200; activist Dave Trotter has raised $66; and Nazi-saluting public commenter Alex Tsimerman has, thankfully, not raised a dime.

So far, Grant is Burgess's most serious challenger on the issues, and it looked like excitement about his candidacy was building when he raised that $20,000 in about a month (even before he announced which council member he would challenge). But Burgess's new numbers are a reminder that he'll be hard to beat.