Greenpeace activists greet a Shell Arctic drilling rig that’s headed for maintenance at the Port of Seattle, and then onward to the Arctic to prospect for oil. Kelly O


Fire Courtney Gregoire and the rest of the Port of Seattle Commissioners, now.
You don't need all those commas in your headline. What exactly do you think you're writing? Are you sending a text or instant message? Oops, that was public.
SInk it!
Enough of this! The Arctic is one of the last remaining pristine, incredibly majestic and FRAGILE ecosystems, so important for works climate. It us estimated that its oil reserves would provide US needs for 18 to 24 months. Is it worth it? Are we willing to take this risk? Can we not do better, be more careful or wiser? Or is shortsighted greed our inky guide?
Hey eco nerds...your "power to the people" dingy is powered by evil oil. Next time you're trolling the sound, get some oars so you don't look like total hypocrites.
What a useless "protest" Forget the irony of driving your speed boat to try and block fuel exploration but look at the big picture. What's wrong with probing the earth for natural resources and then utilizing them to benefit the population with todays technology and safety regulations ?
Just because you've watched Deadliest Catch and surfed You Tube this does not make you an expert on what its like to work up North.
Time to stop this horrible, dangerous drilling.
Those who love money employ those who love money make enough money to leave not enough money to pay the costs of cleaning disastrous spills and restoring wastelands left behind. "Only in Mareka thuh byutiful is money more byutifuller," Honky drill boy clown once did said.
nice comment Wells!

#6 schleit : that is the big question isn't it--does it benefit or harm the people? Not just our lives but all sentient life to come, the children's children of the great ark. Shall we nibble off all the meat and throw them our bones?
@5) That's a STRAWMAN and you probably don't even realize it. Whether they use oil, steam, solar or dolphins for their boats has no bearing on whether or not that vessel drills in the arctic. Why aren't you whining that having ANY boat in the ocean (regardless of power source) damages marine environment?
By your reasoning, if YOU stub YOUR toe and after that YOU have a stroke, the medics must treat YOUR TOE immediately & first or be hypocrites.
Whoever wrote "What is this thing..." You are FUCKING STUPID for writhing those words. You know EXACTLY what it is. So does everyone else who looks at pictures of it. Just another example of The Stranger slipping in tne Journalism dept.
Using oil consumption to protest oil consumption.

The enviro-weenies are about as dense as depleted uranium.
In honor of all the hard work these enviro zealots think they are doing I am tossing another plastic container into my wood stove. I like to keep my house really warm. I don't have a recycle bin, so I usually burn all of my big plastics such as the big Newman's Own grape juice jugs and my empty Downy and laundry soap containers. So here's to you, my Greenpeace friends, I keep my house warm by burning plastic in honor of you and your pursuit of myth.
Oh Seattle Kyak protestors!! Paddle to the ships, your fragile fiberglass kyaks held together with, you guessed it, RESIN made from heating hydrocarbons (oil.) And those nifty "military-style inflatable boats that motored" to the SHELL drilling rig, using the same polluting toxic oil that the rig will be looking for? Please. And as far as USCG Rules of the Road are concerned, the law of tonnage(common sense), dictates that the vessel restricted in the ability to maneuver shall have the right of way. Guaranteed a Kayaker gets injured NOT because of the rig, but because some people are safer protesting from their cars. Let's hope the Coast Guard steps in first.

If you REALLY want to stop SHELL, stop driving your cars, charging your cell phones and stop using electricity. That will for sure bring an end to drilling for fossil fuels.

But you might have to walk your KYAK home.
And, don't say "I don't own a car. I ride the bus" Still burns more gas as itr gets maybe 8-10 MPG. Plus it's made with a lot of Petroleum based products. Bikes have parts made with Petroleum based products too. So Fuck You!
Thank you, @1 & @4--agreed, and to all stupid, clueless trolls: Wake up, already!
@16 Part II: Shell Oil Company is at the top of the list alongside BP for worst among industrial polluters. The Gulf of Mexico and Prince William Sound STILL have oil at the ocean floor that cannot ever be removed.
Washington State's vital fishing industry must be saved and is in serious peril because of the pending invasion of Big Oil and Big Coal.
Wow, Love the passion here. Oddly punctuated headline aside, the article provides information for both sides. Everybody should breath into a paper bag for a minute or two, calm down, and try reading the insights from the professor in Cali again. Decades from production....need to develop infrastructure to support, need to study impacts...all sound and reasonable points. If you can get through the article without bursting out in a "SHellNO!" chant or a "Drill baby drill!" invective, it might be worth your time. But then again, the fact don't seem to matter, do they?
I am truly flabbergasted by the short sightedness of those that criticize so harshly the courageous actions of these environmental heroes..... Do you think they haven´t tried EVERYTHING possible: courts, elections, sending hundreds of thousands of emails and personal letters of protest? We live in a world, saddly enough, in which the short term profits of a very poweful lobbby shortchanges the best long term interests of the rest of us around the world. In somemwhat less than 150 years we have burned our way thprugh the easily accessible fossil fuels the earth took ds of theousand of years to accumuate and now we are going after the most exreme, hard to acess and environmentally dangerous sources of fossil fuels. The oil in the Arctic,according to best estimates, would sufffice for 18-24 months of US demand. The Arctic is one of the last pristine ecosystems on earh, so incedibly majestic and important, so inaccessible and fragile. Are we wiling to take such risks? We know there will be a spill and we know Shell is ill prepared for it (we have had clear demonstrations of this!!). Is it worth it? Can we not do better than this? Can we not be smarter and wiser than this? I am worried by so much nonsense and short sighted thinking and the total lack of emapthy with the rest of the creatures that have such a hard time sharing this earh with us. Call me ecofraek if you will, Call me idealist if you will. But I DO CARE for what kind of earth we are leaving behind. I reacuse we havent fuse to think we are so blind that we will "drill baby drill" because we haven´t got the intelligemce to think differently...
@achaiwoi Right on. My thoughts exactly. wtf? Way to miss the big picture.
The People of Seattle DO NOT want our Pacific NW waters spoiled by a possible oil spill. The Arctic is a VERY endangered environment that needs our CARETAKING not our EXPLOITATION.
PLS Note: This giant work of oil drilling machinery was designed by the same dude that built Big Bertha, which can only go forward and has NO REVERSE GEAR? Oh GREAT!
@14--SailorMike666: "Oh Seattle Kyak protestors!! Paddle to the ships, your fragile fiberglass kyaks held together with, you guessed it, RESIN made from heating hydrocarbons (oil.) And those nifty "military-style inflatable boats that motored" to the SHELL drilling rig, using the same polluting toxic oil that the rig will be looking for? Please."
First of all, it's puh leeze. READ this again Sailor. Are you an unemployed Poet? Or just a sad scared Repubicon who's lost their way. Guess Who's Missing The Point here? YOU.
donefighting: Correction: I meant to say Hitachi Zosen is a Company that built/designed this oil drilling platform rig and then 30 years later, built Big Bertha, which only has one direction and no reverse gear. When it hit a big pipe that Sea Engineering Dept said they didn't know was down there due to faulty record keeping, I was hoping that Bertha would be buried and we could move on and construct a street level viaduct. And the Boondoggle Chunnel would be shown in its true light. But no, we will keep on wasting millions/billions of taxpayer $$ and turn the waterfront (w/it's weak underground sea wall) into a sinking Venice, Italy. NIIIICE.
My opinion sways between the exploration of the northern shelf for oil. But I do know the Port Commissioners did not act with the citizens of Seattle in mind. If this was brought to a popular vote in Seattle in would never pass. Seattleites are some the most tree huger people on this planet. Port Commissioners should have acted with that in mind. How does one go about a recall election for the Commissioners spots?
How the West was Lost. Remember this song, the Last Resort? Append today's news images (Shell drilling rig entering Emerald City waters) to the end of this video. Then listen to it.…

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