Essentially, all Seattle homeowners are paying an additional one to three mortgage payments per year just to pay for property taxes. This crap has got to stop.
Fuck anyone who moves next to an airport or military base or gun range or raceway, enjoys the lower prices then complains about the noise. Get over yourselves, you moved there and it was no secret that these things were there.

You're nothing more than freeloaders, fuck off all of you.
There used to be a lot of attention on Slog (and other sites like Rawstory, Americablog, TPM) given to faraway humanitarian crises like Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean tsunami, the earthquake in Japan, the Malaysian airliners. The death toll in Nepal is over 4000 now and projected to exceed 10000, and it seems like no one cares.
@1 How many extra mortgage payments per year would not be crap? Like 0.2 or something? Aren't you just saying you don't like paying taxes? But then who does?

Life is full of things you don't want to do but you do them anyhow. And paying taxes is one of them. We're living in a civilization here.
Your photo caption of Coupeville is a bit misleading. The lawsuit is about the health effects of aircraft noise, not electronic warfare activities. Their noise (from touch'n'go landings at an abandoned airstrip) is the same whether the aircraft are engaged in electronic warfare training, taking photos, or faux bombing runs.
@2) I challenge you to give a coherent and reasonable argument as to why/how such people are "freeloaders" based on where they live. Or maybe you're saying that people surrender property rights based on a geography of your deciding? That's a very BIG-GOVERNMENT position.

For certain is this: they aren't freeloading. (And ESPECIALLY not from a half-wit, no-talent bum such as yourself).
Not sure I agree with the ACLU's reasoning here. That minorities are disproportionately ticketed is a known issue, but the the prices of the fines don't have any proven relationship to that. I'm all for raising fines to deter bad drivers.

However, the idea of raising fines to "fund court costs" sounds like an invitation to use ticketing as an exploitable income opportunity. Abuses inevitably follow that reasoning.
"A social studies teacher "tackled" the North Thurston High School student before he was taken into detention."

Let me guess, white kid?
@8 That was a mistake. Apologies, it's been corrected.
@6 Housing near excessive noise tends to lower property values, reduces the cost of buying or renting and other incidental expenses based on such property values. That's what you get in exchange for living next to a nuisance such as an airfield, a race track, a freeway and so on.

The freeloader part comes into play when people move to such areas knowing what is going on, accept the lowered prices and then get mad that there's noise. Thus they're getting something for free.

This happens to working farms all the fucking time as well, maybe you should do some research next time?
@10) Markets will dictate that price is cheaper in certain areas for certain reasons. Grasp this: cheaper property prices do not abate property rights. If you pay any price for a parcel that is zoned for housing, you have housing property rights indicated by that zoning.

And you better re-read your second paragraph and then seriously consider some logic 101 courses. You sir, are a moron.
I generally vote for every property tax increase, but $246 million for new radios? At that price, those things ought to be able to make a call into the future.
@12 that's the free market for ya, they solicited bids from several companies and evaluated them on merit and cost. Oh wait, no they didn't, they pre-decided to pay Motorola whatever they want, after Motorola threatened to stop supporting the existing system. We need new radios but this "deal" stinks.
@11 Regulation of airspace for military aircraft isn't a right granted by buying or renting a residential property, so I'm not sure why you're talking about rights here. You can't be that stupid, can you?

Also, it's pretty fucking clear that housing prices go down when they are located next to nuisances. No one is stupid enough to believe, everything else being equal, that this is not the case. Not even you.

So either you actually believe the bullshit you're posting, or you have some other point to make. Why don't you take a break from the internet, gather your thoughts, and post something that actually makes sense? In the mean time, maybe take some of that time to research how developers and homeowners buy up property near municipal airports, race tracks, working farms, gun ranges and so on, receive a significant discount due to the noise, then sue to shut down those same activities they've already been compensated for via inexpensive land.
@14) You should try a little college someday.
@14 For such an angry person, you have very little to offer this discussion!
@15, whatever
@12, 13 Agreed.

I'm all for investments in public safety but $246 MILLION DOLLARS is way, way, WAY too much for radios. We are being fleeced. For once, I too am humming that tune by Raindrip and the SeattleTimers we all know so well.
@16) Agreed.
@18 & @13 I offered to do it for only $200 million, but they never got back to me.

And yet, I'll bet he just loves the nice tax deduction he gets to take on those onerous property taxes; you don't hear him complaining about THAT, do you? Nosirreebob.
"A High School Sophomore Shot a Gun on a Washington Campus Yesterday"
Our thoughts and prayers are with the gun that was shot.

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