Cluck cluck! The sky is falling! Cluck!

In other news, increased sales of danishes were linked to GLOBAL WARMING WHICH WILL FRY THE PLANET LIJE AN EGG BY FRIDAY!!!!!! Asked to comment on why, noted climate "scientist" Cliff Mass said "well, you know, damn near anything can be blamed on climate change. Its such a vague and meaningless term that we could pin it to what kind of eyeliner you chose this morning. Wait. Don't quote me on that. Please. I'll lose my job even looking like I'm joking about global warmi...climate change! Whatever they're calling it this year! I believe in it! I do! Don't fire me! I'll say whatever you want, but I have a mortgage to pay! Please, spare me!" Mass whimpered on for a while in similar style.
@1: if you'd ever read his site, you moron, you'd know that he is quite cautious about attributing any weather event to climate change. here's why: HE'S A SCIENTIST.

Yes, but a few years ago it was Colorado.

Now, nothing going on there.

uh, number one, you are a dipshit of the highest order. it doesn't take a wildland firefighter (ahem, like myself) to figure this one out. if you can go hiking in the mountains NOW, where you usually can't go until JULY, that's going to affect the fire season. of course, the last hike you probably went on was when the drive thru at carl's jr was closed, and you had to drag your sorry ass 100 feet from the parking lot to get your triple bacon death burger.

Are you talking about weather or climate? Because all the other Chicken Little impersonators are always telling me they're different. Well, when it supports their preconceptions they do.

At any rate I don't recall expressing a doubt that it'll be a dry summer. And maybe a bad wildfire summer. What link that has to CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL WARMING MAKING US ALL SUN-CRAZED CANNIBALS BY AUGUST!!!!!! I don't know. It isn't demonstrated in your or Cliff Mass' comments anyway.

The rest is mere pointless abuse. As it happens I avoid fast food and am very active physically, but that has nothing to do with the widespread paranoia over supposed global warming. Or wildfires. Or anything but my personal long term health prospects.
yer not fooling anybody, fat boy. anyone who posts as much as you has to be living in their mom's basement, surrounded by mountain dew 2 liters and papa john's boxes.
Seattleblues' two posts here could be used as the dictionary definition of the Strawman Fallacy.
Oh hey, look - the drama queen who shrieks about "barbarians at the gate" over fags getting married is calling someone chicken little. Funny how it happens like that.
Seattleblues: boldly arguing against what he actually thinks scientists are saying. Those lying scientists, right? It just shows how out-of-touch they are that Seattleblues is able to imagine them saying such crazy things.
I'll never grow tired of Seattleblues's uncanny ability to confidently denounce things he's too ignorant to understand. He's a beautiful specimen of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action.

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