Excellent pics. Kudos!
Great photos. I wish that the Stranger would focus on developing stories that have some perspective and use your images for events like this, rather than buying into real time tweets from the White Millennial Brigade that include important information such as themselves flipping off a subject of the story and free chocolate.
Thank you paddlers.
Also, it's sad that in spite if how pathetic Slog has become, there are already four comments on a 50-minute-old post on a Sunday night.
Welcome to Tim Keck's dim view of millenials, made manifest through the idiotic righteousness of Fixie Frizzelle. Dear Slog, I wish I could quit you! It's frustrating to see so much potential in the Stranger writers and concept, yet see it squandered through pandering and pathetic mismanagement.
@2, the MV Blue Marlin was the ship that carries drill rigs (and other things) around. They unloaded the Polar Pioneer from the Blue Marlin in Port Angeles and then they parted ways. According to the Marlin is on its way to Singapore.
I will stick with demanding and encouraging those who are best positioned and able to be that change to do so. But thanks for the tip!

There is some decent stuff now and then, but quitting Slog isn't what's difficult. Quitting some of the fellow readers is.
Remember every Port Commissioner is elected.

And can be recalled.

You can fight fair. And lose.

Or win.
Aww, thanks for standing up for the voiceless Stranger staff?

I'm a member of our community, and our press has a duty to report news. There was once some meaning to that. Fox News wants to have us all believe that every outlet should serve a slant. Let's try harder, and demand more as citizens.
Terrific photos. Really give a sense of what it was like out there on the water. PLEASE Keep Alex Garland around for a while.
There are times when I think I've found the zenith of arrogance. Yet you challenge these assumptions. Fine work.
Ben Kingsley and that movie face tattoo, yuck. Terrible fashion statement. So much better pretending to be Ghandi. So glad our heroic paddlers don't go for that 3rd World face ink crap.
How about the dude wearing the feathered headdress in the canoe. What an asshole right? Sasquatch is next weekend, bro.

"But! He is a Native American!"

Yes but as we've all been lectured before, right here on the slog, that feathered headdresses were war bonnets warn by Plains Indian men. I doubt this kid is a chief or had the opportunity to prove his valor in battle so just another culturally-appropriating asshole. Makes me sick.
The funny thing is that 99.5% of those kayaks and boats are made from oil products or burn oil to move.... smart protesters we have there... hahahahaha

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