Three fuel cell electric passenger vehicles will be on display from 1-5 p.m. Thursday at the AC Transit headquarters in Oakland in a program arranged by Gov. Jerry Brown's Office of Business and Economic Development.…

Hey there's a surprise, more evidence that these lifestyle activists don't stop to think about anyone else's well-being before staging their sanctimonious pageants.

No lights and no horn, and you were planning to stay out there all summer? Christ. And that's before tossing concrete blocks overboard while divers are in the water, and then expressing regret about possibly harming the underwater environment, without a shred of concern for the people exploring it.
I'm sure no fossil fuels run the engines on that barge too right?
@2 Blatant concern troll. You can do better.

@4 Most barges don't have engines.
I want to party on the barge.
"But I took a week to hang out with my family, and more my mom, and I wanted to throw myself into something..."

I'm guessing he either wanted to mourn his mom, or move his mom, but without a [sic] this just looks like a typo.

And perhaps you could respond to the points raised rather than just chanting "concern troll" as if it's a magic spell that will make everyone forget how these self-aggrandizing activists are actually behaving?
Corporate apologists dominate the Stranger's comment sections- why is that?

Well it certainly could not possibly be due to the fact that your opinion is in the minority here, could it?

I mean, it's just not possible that a majority of people who read The Stranger would believe that the lifestyle activists are accomplishing nothing beyond burnishing their own self-images, is it?

Basically, you shouldn't even stop to consider any explanation based on the premises of 1) most people who read SLOG are pretty smart, and 2) most people who read SLOG disagree with you on this?

No, don't think about that. Instead everyone should all stop and think about how many of the handful of comments-posters at a fading alt-weekly are so obviously on the payroll of Evil Corporations That I Really Hate, right?
Let me guess, one of the violations is that the barge doesn't have a functioning oily-water separator.
Useful Idiots
*sigh* I'll return later after all the ignorant trolls and GOP / Tea Bag / fossil fuel apologists spewing their misinformed tripe choke on their own carcinogenic fumes and stupidity.
@5 Good point, barges don't have engines. This barge was moved and positioned by gay immigrant bottlenose dolphins paid $15.00 per hour.

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