Every criticism ever made of Arctic Drilling is completely invalidated by this minor damage to Cove 2!
LOL @1. I think we can cognate in stereo and make decisions and judgments about the conduct of each, without one set of judgments on one party negating judgments about the other.

How deep are pockets of the Dakota Frackmen who pay these Agents Kayakateur?

(Well deep enough to pay them to eat at Seattle's 15/hr lunch spots...)

Anchoring an unlit barge in the middle of a cold, foggy urban harbor. What could go wrong?
I live in the area, and the barge had plenty of lights. Guessing it just didn't have USCG regulation lights.
"And before you get too excited about the irony of an environmentalist barge mucking up an underwater dive park: Divers actually found very little damage to the park after all."

But some predictions calculate a 75% chance of damage to dropping concrete anchors (over 75 years and massively expanding to 800 active protest barges) so ITS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL THAT WE DON'T LET THEM PUT THE COVE AT RISK!!!
for those who need footnotes…
Jim Kendall, Regional director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, says the spill risk was calculated assuming full-on development of Lease Sale 193 over a long period.

“That is a possibility, a 75 percent chance, of one or more spills of a hypothetical, you know, development over 77 years, eight production platform, 500 wells, 4.3 billion barrels of oil produced,” he said.

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