These flyers are everywhere in Olympia, according to one Evergreen College student.
These flyers are "everywhere" in Olympia, according to one Evergreen College student. Allana Cummings

Reached by phone, an Evergreen College student said these flyers, for a 6 p.m. protest at Woodruff Park, are "everywhere."

Charles has described what happened: An Olympia police officer shot two unarmed black men early this morning who were "suspected of stealing beer."

The police chief, in a press conference today, said one of the men assaulted the officer. He also said he believes race was not a factor in the incident. One of the men—they're stepbrothers—is in critical condition in the hospital. NBC News has the latest, including audio of the officer's communications with a dispatcher. The officer, who is white, "was put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation and a separate probe by the Critical Incident Team, a cooperative of investigators from five local law enforcement agencies under supervision of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office."

The results of those investigations will be turned over to Thurston County prosecuting attorney Jon Tunheim. Tunheim said under state law, "If we were to determine that an officer's use of force did not meet a reasonableness standard, but the officer was acting in good faith and without malice... the statute would prevent us from filing a criminal charge."

We'll have more, from Olympia, later on Slog. Here in Seattle, meanwhile:

Today is a National Day of Action to protest police killings of black women.