Dubai was a Match too far
So any business on Capitol Hill without a rainbow sticker is not a safe place?
Enjoying the fall of FIFA.
"For you to claim racism did not play a role in this incident of extreme violence establishes an embarrassingly naive stance that has already compromised the integrity of any investigation."

Heather must have been hiding in the bushes during the confrontation and heard the officer drop the n-word a few times. How else could she be SOOO certain that racism was involved?

Speaking of racism; neighborhoods continue to change and evolve and many in Seattle are improving but we'll continue to wring our hands if and only if white people are moving in because 'gentrification.'

Of course studies continue to show that the gentrification myth is largely overwrought, minorities remaining in 'gentrified' areas have better outcomes, and the much larger issue is concentrated areas of high poverty that provide very few opportunities but let's just keep beating that drum.
Do these flags protect people from getting mugged by teenagers with guns in Cal Anderson?
@ 7 No, more than a flag is required to stop crime or to apprehend perpetrators of crime.…

If such resistance were common, the risk of serious injury or death to all of us would, counter-intuitively be less, because the frequency of such violent (before the gunfire, the victim was tackled from behind and was given a black eye when having his head pounded into the pavement) criminal attempts would likely decline. A would-be robber just isn't going to chance it.
Reminds me, I should go to Ezell's -- they're right across Kent-Kangly high atop East Hill.

From the Crosscut article on affordable housing:
She acknowledged that the “price might seem low today, but the purchase was actually negotiated in 2011 during the real estate bust and recession.
Yes. Of course it was. Just another day at the office for the rentier class while our public agencies auction off our public goods to pay back rent. We'd probably get a better deal from a payday loan establishment.
It should be mentioned that Patty Murray, along with others, caved in to corporate donations (read bribe) for a yes vote on the TPP fast-track.…
It should be mentioned that Patty Murray, along with others, caved in to corporate donations (read bribe) for a yes vote on the TPP fast-track.…
@11: you have no idea how the YT Redevelopment is being financed, do you? John Fox knows shit about development.
@12, @13, and Cantwell did the same:\. I will write in a third party candidate if a true progressive doesn't run against either one.
I'm glad they were able to make 36 units affordable for the teachers and healthcare workers in Seattle. That should be enough, yeah?
Just bring back company housing for shite workers and be done with it. You know buy all your goods from the company stores, get your healthcare at the company clinic, and company goons can keep the "peace" while taking protection money. Check Glassdoor for Indentured servitude contract while you are it.

Way more honest than this "affordable housing" shell game being played here.
@16: What have you ever done to increase the stock of affordable housing? Bitching about those of us who do is worthless. What a bunch of whiny assholes.

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