What does Pamela Banks have to say about the Mayor going to the Wear Bank instead of tending to local matters?
@2: To be fair, the victim told the police it was not a hate crime, that it was just something that got out of hand for non-hate crime reasons. The Stranger has done no discernable research or verification, but are content to call it a hate crime, despite no one else feeling that way but the witness who really had no idea what was happening.

Seems to me if the victim says it was not a hate crime, it probably is not a hate crime.

Not that this changes the fact that #1 and #4 is just trolling.
How is it OK for people to beat the crap out of each other on a crowded street next to a crowded park? Even if no charges were filed the behavior is dangerous to others. The first rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club because it's illegal.
India's First Renewable Hydrogen Fueling Station

India's first solar-powered renewable fuelling station, supplied by Air Products (NYSE: APD), was inaugurated recently at an event with chief guest Shri Piyush Goyal, Union Minister for Power, Coal, and New and Renewable Energy, in conjunction with Shri Upendra Tripathy, Secretary, Minister of New and Renewable Energy.
Part of a mass public transport bus fueling and vehicle demonstration program, the SmartFuel® station generates 100 percent renewable hydrogen from solar energy via an electrolyzer. It is located at the Solar Energy Center near Delhi and part of a project managed by the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE). The project was also implemented by India's University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) and funded by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India.…
please ban @1/4/7/9/10 and also @8/11
How much is Ed Murray's little trip to the Middle East costing the taxpayers? And what is its purpose? My guess is he's trying to boost his credibility as a candidate for the US House when Jim McDermott retires. If so, help us all.
@13. Actually McDermott's seat goes to Pramilla Jayapal, State Senator, 37th District, when McDermott retires. She is the one bucking for it and is laying the groundwork by embracing issues that would appeal to McDermott's electorate while representing her legislative district. She ignores and dodges vital issues in her legislative district, to the detriment of her current constituency, that would make her not sell well to McDermott's constituents.

@5, Why would the motivation of the attacker relevant to how many bruises, stitches, etc. the victim got? Assault is assault and the attacker should be charged.

@6, Just so! These issues don't just victimize the person who was attacked but the sense of security and well being for the entire community.

@Jonan, What threatens you about open, free, debate, and discussion? If you don't like what those posters have to say, come up with a different set of information and points that leads you to a different conclusion on the issue being raised. What is your point of view on those topics and why?

- It is not terribly uncommon to see black kids smiling and beating the shit out of one another downtown.

- If the hydrogen car test markets work out we may see them in a decade or two.

- The mayor has a chance to talk with John Kerry and asks for permission to fund Al-Shabaab. He then heads off to the West Bank?

He couldn't have met with Palestinian students here?

If he does end up in a higher office, maybe he'll attempt to create a series of oversight committees to vet individual Somalians.

That'd be good.
@15: It isn't. Where exactly did you get the idea that I thought the attacker should not be charged, or that the injuries were relevant?

I addressed whether it was a hate crime or not, which was the limit of what my comment was asserting. The police and the victim do not think it was a hate crime. That does not preclude that it was simply a crime.

Pay attention, Neale.
@15 my point of view is hate speech is bad, offtopic trolling is bad, and you are very stupid.
This is really bad journalism. In my rough and tumble youth I personally ended up with broken ribs and black eyes from roughhousing getting out of hand (usually liquor was involved). We laughed about it ten minutes later and we would have been pissed at anyone insisting that it was malicious violence.

Good on the citizen for throwing themselves in harms way to prevent a crime but if there is no crime reported there's no crime you can prosecute. Anyone insisting contrary is a concern troll.
Again, I submit my polite request that you include just a leeetle bit of national news for the 50% or so of us who don't live in Washington State* but who read Slog religiously.

*according to a Slog poll a few years ago, and my own observations.
@18: And insulting other commenters simply because you don't like anything they say, without providing any supporting commentary, is also bad and is tiresome for everyone.
Is it really such a big deal if we call it a hate crime and it wasn't? What are the implications? Maybe it was a hate crime that wasn't reported. We'll never know, but it seems like a lot of effort is going into discrediting a detail about crime that appears to be part of a growing trend in our neighborhood; and that's not helpful.
Calling it a hate crime without any evidence immediately absolves one party of all responsibility.

The topic was environmental protest.

I posted two articles about technologies in the first instance create fuel cleanly and then consume it efficiently.

So, beside protest, I offer something that people can get behind, promote to their politicians and so on.

Why is that "off topic"?
@22: The person being (possibly) falsely accused of a hate crime in a major local newspaper may think it is a big deal.

You actually have it backwards though. The problem is that there is a detail that you are overlooking: the fact that the victim stated it was not a hate crime. If the victim themself claims it was not a hate crime, why are you calling them a liar? Do the statements of victims only matter when they say what you want them to?
@22 you're not very bright if you can't imagine what harm or injustice could arise from fabricating and obscuring the truth.
"old bitches"

Ha ha ha. Woooo. You card!
I'm sure they would care if we call it a hate crime if there was a legal case since it could make them a felon but no charges were filed. I'm not calling anyone a liar, just saying that hate crimes go unreported for other reasons, and pointing out that there is a striking amount of effort going into condemning any possibility of this incident being a hate crime. It's a distraction from the bigger issue.
@17. It was simply a crime. The person assaulted is no more or less injured if the motivation of the attacker is hurt somebody because of their race or sexual identity. The property loss is no greater or smaller. Let's charge people for their actions, not their thoughts and motivations. What an Orwellian, North Korean, thought police kind of world. We don't get into motivation in other areas in the law. In Murder cases we look at intent (which is different than motivation). I.e. Was there malice, or premeditation? Malice is willful intent to cause harm. Why someone has malice is not relevant to that crime.
A good article to read about Ed's expensive little excursion:…
It would be interesting to know the PLO's attitudes and intention toward gay rights in Palestine.
I was Post # 29. Let me re-post this. Most likely some censorship from sidknee. Plus The Stranger is into censorship now.

Who cares about those "old women"? not me! The cops cut their symbolic chain and they got "arrested" . They dress up in LAME costumes for photo ops. They don't know anything. Has anyone EVER heard them say anything remotely like they knew what the were talking about. They only pull this crap because hubby is dead. And grandkids hardly visit.

And the old ladies were on the BNSP train tracks blocking it. The train wasn't even going to Terminal 5! That's how uninformed they are. They really don't know anything about the subject. Except that the news cameras will be there.

They probs don't even know were the rig is actually going. They probably don't know that when they drive home. The gas they buy is Arctic Oil based.

They do their "protesting" for photo ops. If they were serious about the issue. They'd get educated on BEOM and EPA Policies. That way they's have a Informed point of view when hey "protest". As it is, they look like fools. Oh well, this is Seattle.

And those 5 people on the bridge. I saw the 8 am news. Those people with the barrels. As soon as the police told them they'd get arrested. They gave up and went away. That's real dedication to the cause for you.
"They only pull this crap because hubby is dead. And grandkids hardly visit."

Damn straight Thrill Killer. Don't these bitches realize they aren't entitled to free agency.

Fuck you Thrill Killer.
"Has anyone EVER heard them say anything remotely like they knew what the were talking about"

Do they really HAVE to be verified by outside sources? Or by the likes of you?
@37, of course they do. How dumb is it to "Protest" an issue without knowing anything about it.

Well it's very dumb sandy.
@36, I'm glad you agree with me.

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