"Police say a suspect shot a man in the face after an argument and drove away in an SUV in Rainier Beach."

That seems ripe for a local version of The Onion.
@1 really? You think someone getting shot in the head is funny? What an asshole.
"City Files Charges Against Thirteen Landlords Alleging Discrimination" seattleblues is under investigation? Finally!
All that rental discrimination in the whitey mcwhitey north seattle neighborhoods. Who would have thunk it in Progressive Seattle:)?
Wait, Foss lied to us?! Gasp. Shock. Unexpected.
It's almost as if they misconstrued the situation to garner corporate benefit on the backs of American citizens, right Boeing?
@4: Looks like most of those addresses are south of the ship canal - there's probably discrimination all over the city. Seattle is changing so fast that your racist stereotypes don't apply anymore. You haven't been to Northgate lately have you? Hardly "mcwhitey".
More proof that the Classist Stranger hates blue collar workers. The IT industry wreaks havoc on the planet, but no complaints here.
Even if the Oil Rig created 417 jobs, who cares? They say that like this city is Detroit with high unemployment levels and a lack of job prospects. Amazon will probably hire that many people this month...
Poor SWAT didn't even get to use their tank and RPGs :(
The Port is always wrong about projected activity.
That's why nobody except Pete Von Reichbaur and the Seattle Times Editorial Board believes what they ever say.
Why do we Seattle taxpayers subsidize the Port, again? Vancouver BC runs theirs without subsidies...
Paul who?
Even if - IF - this "half the jobs supporters claim" argument is correct (and I doubt it is, because it undoubtedly relies upon ignoring indirect what? That's still jobs. It's still a factor of infinity more jobs created than the people protesting its placement (remember, anything greater than 0 is infinitely larger than 0)

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