"The Burke Gilman Trail is a 42-mile long, paved path that is popular with bikers, hikers, skateboarders, and outdoor enthusiasts. The trail, which can be accessed in Fremont, runs from the Ballard Locks to the shoreline of Lake Washington and out to the wineries of Woodinville."


No big deal...pretty soon Seattle will be home to only 100 multi-millionaires. The rest of you will be priced out your apartments, or forcibly removed from your homes with No Humans eco-zoning regulations.

Why doesn't multi-B-B-Bilionaire Paul Allen come on over and take another big shit on the area and fix the whole mess?
Boeing also moors its superyacht Daedalus there...
Because EVERYTHING has to have at least 8 years of litigation before the end result - or it's not Seattle!
Interesting. Did Ed get a taste of his own medicine or was it all as planned?
Pretty sure that the "official bike route" is the Cheshiahud trail which is clearly mapped as being the sidewalk between the water and the parking lot. An official stance of "bike through parking lots" is a lawyer's wet dream.…
If the rich continue to be complete assholes to the rest of us, sooner or later we're going to go all French on them and break out the guillotines.
Fuck these fucking scumbags. Great ve 'em hell, and don't be polite.
Give 'em hell. Don't know what the heck is wrong with my iPad..
Fuck that. None of these 1%-ers even NEEDS parking space, because most of them probably either fly in on their private seaplanes, or rent limos to get from their private Gulfstreams at Boeing Field to their private yacht moorage on Lake Union. Just leave enough room for a helipad and they'll be happy with that. Cars are SO plebeian, anyway.
What kind of pathetic excuse for a gazillionaire has any desire to park within spitting distance of someone else's car?

They have minions to whisk them back and forth to the jet hangar, and private locked garages to hold the vehicles that do the whisking. As for the minions, how they get to work is their problem; they just need to be on time.
"Corporate jet facilities are only 15 minutes away," the company notes.

Maybe by helicopter. There's no way you can drive from Westlake through SLU and then downtown to Boeing Field in 15 minutes.

Then again, you can't really rely on these people for truth in advertising.
What else can the public do to push projects like this and the missing link along? Protests? Sue the city for not building critical infrastructure? Sue the people who are suing the city? The strategy of causing indefinite delay to the missing link project seems to be working really well, and I see no reason why it won't work here as well, sadly.
@14, don't elect Murray to another term is what the public can do.
Maybe I should sue every time any road work is done for cars
Ansel was juggling competing interests way before Ed Murray was. One middle finger from Ansel, and this lawsuit would not only be dropped, there would be free yacht rides for everyone.
"Corporate jet facilities are only 15 minutes away,"

The entire rationale for Bertha.
@14 People can brace themselves for 20 years of the same kind of logrolling we've seen over closing the BGT Missing Link. If Seattle had balls, it would simply use its powers eminent domain to correct mistakes made when the Interurban right-of-way was vacated, and proceed to build the project.
I walked by that gas-guzzling monstrosity twice a week when it was moored here, and every time, I wished for an iceberg.

Fix the trail and fix the bridge to MOHAI. And while we're at it, let's build pedestrian bridges over the Mercer-Broad St. nightmare intersections.
Your 100% propaganda piece (i.e., let's fall back on the handy evil millionaires card) completely ignores the fact that the majority of the "stakeholders" in the corridor have concerns about this project and most of those concerns relate to safety issues for all users that SDOT has failed to address in its final plan. To briefly summarize:

-No slow speed limits for bikes or vehicles in a highly congested area (Dexter is available for cyclists who want to ride fast)
-No separation between cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles (cyclists won't be required to ride on the cycle track, they can continue to ride wherever they want)
-Physical barrier between cyclists and vehicles but no physical barrier between cyclists and pedestrians on the sidewalk)
-Placement of the cycle track between the parking area and the businesses so every user of the parking area will have to cross the bike "super highway".

It would be nice if The Stranger would function as a journalistic operation (you know lets talk about the facts/issues) rather than a cheerleader for some particular point of view.
The marina isn't the only business opposed, they just have the money to make some noise. Most of us on Westlake are small retail operations and for us, this plan is a disaster. They've already replaced what free parking we had with paid or permit-only spaces, next they're going to remove our loading/unloading lane (which we rely on) and put this bike superhighway directly outside our front door.

The city keeps talking about public meetings and collaboration, but every business on Westlake will tell you they're completely screwed by this plan. I know we are. What used to be free parking (if we got here earlier than the Amazon employees) is now $150/month. Access to our office will require crossing an unregulated flow of bicyclists. And the multiple deliveries we get each day will require crossing that mess with hand trucks and palette jacks, with no place to stop a vehicle to unload.

Meanwhile, we're locked in a lease and can't escape either the construction, or the result. It's not what we signed up for. And when we make these complaints to the city? Crickets.

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