Obama supported gay marriage before he opposed it?
"I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy."

That's funny, doesn't she go around and lecture other women?
My favorite part is where she calls her pregnancy a "terrible disappointment", which will be really fun for her child to read later.
Whoops, sorry, it was "huge disappointment" not "terrible disappointment". Still: fun!
Obama was a member of a UCC church in Chicago. (United Church of Christ). While each church chooses individually whether or not to be Open and Affirming, the denomination in general is, and is very supportive of the LGBTQ community.

I don't know if his church was ONA, but I do know he has addressed our General Synod, and was supportive at that time. This was before he ran for President. After he announced his candidacy, the GOP tried to strip the tax exempt status of the UCC because they thought his speech was political. Clearly they didn't even bother to actually listen to his speech. And considering how many conservative churches push politics from behind the pulpit, that is pretty ironic.
So, Miss Shill.for.Abstinence Only is knocked up AGAIN out of wedlock.

What a fucking surprise.

The Wasilla Hillbilly Hypocrites ride again!
Someone remind me again how many kids Miley Cyrus has had while unmarried? And while lecturing others to keep their pants zipped until marriage? What's that, none you say?
Man oh man. She makes it sound like she caught some mysterious disease or got in some terrible accident.

I honestly think this snow-billy idiot doesn't know how babies are made.
Well, apparently there IS one thing she can't do with "God by (her) side" - NOT GET FUCKING PREGNANT.
Sucks for her kids.
Talk about insufferable.. Anyway, one would think that she at least would use birth control. She got an intense course on Sex Ed. back in 2008/2009 after getting pregnant at 17..

I like how she preaches but can’t practice what so ever she is doing a word salad about..
Two kids is pretty good, but she's still got a long way to go if she really wants that reality show.
I guess she's not counting all of her abortions.
I would love to see Planned Parenthood, or sex-ed proponents, or any other pro-education, pro-birth-control organizations using Bristol to make their points in PSAs and other messaging. Y'know, a picture of her with a kid in each arm, and a banner that says: ABSTINENCE....

I don't know, there must be something punchier out there [any ideas?], but this young woman is working hard to make the points that need making. She just doesn't mean to.
She sure gets pregnant a lot for practicing abstinence.
I'm thinking the second canceled engagement and the second out-of-wedlock pregnancy are related, though not in the same way as the first engagement/pregnancy. We all know the Palins' solution to getting knocked up: shotgun wedding. So if ex-fiance #2 were the dad, the wedding would still be on.

Since the wedding is not on, it follows ex-fiance #2 is not the father. Which makes Bristol a CPOS in addition to a hypocrite.
"but seeing as Obama supported marriage equality all along, "

So he was more than happy to throw any gay friends, coworkers and staff under the bus under the guide of political expediency. I don't see how that's better than opposing gay marriage on principle.

You forgot to mention how she does "not want any give lectures," so there is that--she's tired of being a hypocrite....Oh wait--She actually said "I do not want any lectures."

My bad. Never mind.
Great. She doesn't want any lectures. But she's perfectly happy to lecture me about who I can and cannot marry. I'd say this is karma, but I feel really bad for her kids.
@18 don't be daft. You really can't see the benefit to his strategy or you're just feeling a little trollish? In the unlikely event of the former let me help you out: it was a strategy, you know, playing the long game. Did you notice how McCain/Palin never got to the White House?
That commercial--barf.

She is the poster child for the failure of abstinence only "education". She and her son, plus her future child are living, breathing, walking proof that abstinence only is an utter failure. Had her school or her family taught her to use birth control if she was going to do the deed, yeah, it's possible she would get pregnant, in which case, I would be empathetic. But she and her family are a pack of hypocrites, so she gets no compassion from me.

Next time, Bristol, use a condom, as that Situation dude suggested.
@12: "She got an intense course on Sex Ed. back in 2008/2009 after getting pregnant at 17.."

No she didn't? Having a baby doesn't teach everyone to use birth control.
@18: "I don't see how that's better than opposing gay marriage on principle."

It's crass politics, but his support is present now that he's been elected. And it's absolutely better than hate.
Well, to be fair, in her PSA she says she won't get into another situation because she already knows about being a TEENAGE single mom. Apparently she wanted to learn more about being a single mom in her 20s. While somehow practicing abstinence.
Palin's really need to increase the aspirin budget.
I'm shocked that she even knows how to spell "dignity and grace", much less exhibit them.
I love the things well-intentioned adults in teen-outreach organizations think up in order to relate to "real teenagers" - I'm a number of years into my 20's but even I can tell that PSA is ridiculously out of touch. That being said, I think it's unfair to call it an "abstinence ed" PSA - I looked up the org that put the video out and they are purely anti-teen pregnancy, including both abstinence and safe sex approaches. It doesn't change my opinion about Bristol Palin and her awful family in the slightest, but I think it's kind of cool that she even agreed to be in a PSA that acknowledges birth control/safe sex as a valid approach.
Seems like "Palin" could become some sort of synonym for pompous hypocrite. If someone won't stop blabbing pompous moral pronouncements for others to follow, does that make them a palindrone?

(As she gets older, does Sarah become a palincrone?)
I'm sure John McCain is just as proud as can be.
What I'm really most sad about, as a (comprehensive) sex educator, is how shameful and incapable Bristol is surrounding her own sexuality. She's so ashamed of it that she has to hide behind this false virginal shroud....for who? Her mother? It's unfortunately just a very publicized case of something that happens in families everywhere. No one wants to think about their kids having sex and so they just force their children to lie about living up to this false ideal. The kids I knew who didn't have sex in high school were the ones whose parents talked to them about it.
I really didn't expect the day to get much better after the 6-3 SCOTUS vote to uphold the ACA, but then something like this comes along, and POOF! there's a little more cheer into our day. Kudos to BP for having the kid. Twice.
Maybe some porn company will do a Nailin' Palin 2.
third time's a charm.
Sperifera yes it has been a really good day.

But I am shocked, shocked I tell you that Bristol is pregnant out of wedlock again!
I think the saddest aspect of this all is that our country has a 35 year old minimum age requirement in order to run for president. I mean, this Palin girl has got some moxie about her, and if there's one thing the declared GOP candidates still seem to be lacking it's moxie! A sad shame, I tell you.
I wish Bristol nothing but joy of this pregnancy.
I feel a little joy myself, that surely she will have to shut up about abstinence after this, or become a walking, talking sketch comedy.
I don't really want to know, but I kind of wonder how many abortions she's had.
@35: I don't think you know what you're talking about there.
@38: "I feel a little joy myself, that surely she will have to shut up about abstinence after this"

Ever the optimist. This is literally her only job in life, to be a life coach. Her ability to talk out of both sides of the mouth was instilled side birth.
Yes obviously she's a total hypocrite. Also, if you're going to lie to the public about your abstinence use some contraception for fucks sake!!
I thought the abstinence only pledgers only did anal. WTF?
I read somewhere that she has earned 260k for speaking engagements for abstinence only sex. They should demand their money back for being sold a lemon of a product.
Abstinence: “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”
@35 - using Bristol Palin's hypocrisy as the sole ground for considering her pro-abstinence position invalid would constitute a tu quoque fallacy. However, I don't think anyone here is doing that; advocating abstinence-only, in sex ed and in life, fails on many other grounds. The fact that she's a clueless hypocrite is just icing on the cake.
I only wish that they were all still a bit more relevant so the schadenfreude would be sweeter.
Most Alaskans I've spoken with aren't thrilled about the Palins either
Is no one even considering she could be carrying the mesiah? This could be the second emaculate conception known to human kind. I'm holding my breath.
"there’s nothing I can’t do with God by my side"

Except use birth control.
@46: I really wish all the "EXCUSE ME THAT IS AN AD HOMINEM WHEN YOU CALLED ME A SHITTING DICKWEASEL" folk would actually read what these logical fallacies mean and are used for versus how they're using them haphazardly.
This is shameful.

The existence of this article rests on the idea that because the Dumb, Hateful, Stupid, No-Good people might have said rude things if one of Obama's daughters were pregnant, that it is therefore OK to do so here.

If your goal was to as reputable as Fox News, congratulations
@52: Obama's family hasn't made their name and income stream for abstinence-only policies.

It is not at all analogous, and she can easily step out of the spotlight and stop getting reported on.

Whether we should post on it or not is a separate argument. But you're being highly disingenuous if you think the two are at all comparable.
Shes had more dongs inside her than a church belltower. Needs to stop spending so much time at Coots and stay home and take care of the kids she has.
Fuck any and all people making a living off of hypocritical application of "morals" when it leads to danger and objective harm to the people they are ministering to. Rebroadcasting her own press release is not gossiping, it goes into the rotten core of her ideology and covers how it even harms herself.

Her livelihood is based on repression and an inability to live up to her own goals. Perhaps one day she can find the love she needs, but until then, she and all others deserve birth control readily and morally available as needed.
@54: "Shes had more dongs inside her than a church belltower. "

The frequency of sex doesn't make her a bad person, harming others does.
Less chin up, more legs crossed
@56 where did I claim the "frequency of sex" made her a bad person? If you really want to be a stickler you could infer that I said her frequency of attening a local bar and not spending time with her kids made her a bad person.
You slutshamed her.
All we know here is that she's making decisions easily avoided through family planning and sidestepping the poor standards her family shills for a living. There's no need to focus on a single mom having sex and ape the conservative attacks on people lilke herself, even from herself. I agree with some of the content of your argument, the framing is mostly what I'm focusing on.
@59: Exactly.
@21- Ever notice that people who don't stick to their principles don't stick to their principles? Like how Obama used the same "strategy" to make it seem like he'd try for universal healthcare but then immediately switched to mandatory healthcare? Or how he seems like he would end the war in Iraq but we're still dropping bombs there?

McCain would have lost to anyone. The economy was in freefall thanks to the GOP and while the American public might have the memory of a gnat they were actually aware of that at that time.
@62: " I just wish people wouldn't be hypocrites when it comes to hypocrisy."

What is this babble even supposed to mean?

Why try to argue for the sake of arguing?
I think it would be a good idea to send her to a sex ed class. Maybe it explain to her why she keeps ending up with these babies in her tummy.
So, if the Miss Obamas were among those young people who thought being homophobic were cool, we wouldn't be openly in the military and probably would have lost ground on various other issues of equality as well?
Ms. Bristol actions suggest that she is a hypocrite on the subject of abstinence or she needs a dictionary to educate herself and a tutorial on how to minimize the risk of pregnancy and use of birth control. Her actions, speeches,have been cruel too. Call her a Hypocrite. Call her cruel. Just don't slut shame her. Sex positive is, well, it's just positive. And, may her pregnancy be healthy, may the child born be healthy, and please may it be loved sincerely for the person s/he/it will become. And, may it and it's brother escape the attitudes that haunt their mother and her family.
@59 the fuck I did. You are projecting. Fuck yourself.
Agree with Ms Kim's first six sentences - there are plenty of excellent grounds for criticism of Ms Palin fille without resorting to calling her a [(I knew I should have written down my code for which SC Justice equals which naughty word; now I can only remember Ginsburg, Scalia and Alito)]. I don't disagree with the rest, but just apportion my wishes the way Mrs Woolf did her Three Guineas, and therefore have none to spare for this potential future person.
@68: "Shes had more dongs inside her than a church belltower."
Why treat her like her family probably already doss?
Does, sheesh. I really have to ban myself from posting while taking the pup on a walk.

Point is, this isn't cool no matter whether she's a staunch Republican, whether she's a hypocrite, and even if she does harm people with her sham career. That she's had sex with enough guys to breed twice is really not why her and her grifterfamily are shitty.
She can get through a second unplanned pregnancy with "grace and dignity" but somehow getting through a simple backyard barbeque without punching someone in the face escapes her.
Such bitter disappointment! I betchya she planned on having a "premature" baby 6 months after her shotgun wedding but Dakota's 1st wife put the skids to that! If her pregnancy hadn't been leaked to the press, she likely would have had an abortion on the sly and claimed it was a miscarriage if anyone found out.
@74, What leak? She admitted she was pregnant. Out of wedlock. Again. And she can still have a secret abortion and claim she miscarried; she has the money from her lectures and commercials.

But folks, let's stop slut-shaming her. It doesn't matter who she screws as long as he's a consenting adult. We can shame her for her hypocrisy without shaming her for having sex.

And not even shame on the hypocrisy as much as exclaiming "look at how her shitty family and their shitty 'values' make her life objectively worse, look at how sad her life must be."
@70 If you think thats shameful then thats on you.
You've all got it wrong again. No hypocrisy here. Bristol said she PRACTICES abstinence. She just needs a little more practice to get hang of it.
*THE hang of it.
@77: You were positing number of partners as an insult. Your words. Skip the slut shaming next time is all we're saying.
And seriously, you're not even reading that slur from any sources, you're making it up, which is even nastier. How many people she fucks is irrelevant to how she's a sad, somewhat crappy person.
It isn't fag-bashing to express scorn about Larry Craig or Ted Haggard. Of course, I'm not following what's being spewed on the interwebs, so there may be plenty of ugly misogynist crap on the topic. Just as at least SOME homophobes may have indulged a Craig/Haggard's expense.

But with all these homophobic, abstinence-preaching, degenerates; 'hypocrisy' is not an adequate term. Bristol really doesn't 'get' the dissonance. The Duggars really think they did the morally responsible think enabling the abuse of at least 4 more girls.

The only term I can dig up for this is 'Moral Insanity.' A bit Victorian and horse-and-buggy in tone. But does anything else really cover how destructive and willfully ignorant these bozos are?
@82: Grifters. The Palins public faces are opportunistic sleazeballs. They're not even Christian enough to consider pious frauds.

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