Of all the hymns in this hymn-ridden world, he had to pick my hands-down, least favorite, hymn.

But he knocked it out of the park. Good for him/hymn.
That was a great thing for the president to do at this time in our history, let all superficial grievances take their place backstage for deliberation on another day. Obama was eloquent, Obama was as presidential as Washington, Lincoln, FDR, LBJ, Bobby Kennedy and more. This is profound, this is what the President of the United States should do, and he did. God bless him.
I still feel bad that I'll never get to vote for him again. Say what you will about his drone policy, his negotiation with Wall Street interests, his deference to Congress... He's the best President I've ever known, and may ever know. Not since LBJ has a President achieved so much in the domestic arena.
@3 Catalina my dear I must disagree. Perhaps your opinion would alter some if the whole song was sung more often.…

Then again perhaps not. Nonetheless as a true Scotsman ;) I can't not like this.…
He's got a better singing voice than John Ashcroft, doesn't he?
@4 Addendum - RFK never became president - though he should have. And as a gay American, I say that J Edgar Hoover is the absolute epitome of how human depravity is certainly not analogous to to the factors related to sexual orientation. We all know how he took delight in informing Robert that his brother was killed. That silly arrested-development queen should be purged with equal vigor as the Confederate flag. The FBI building should be renamed.

Happy Gay Pride - and if you have any advocados, might as well make the guacamole sooner rather than later considering the weather.

One of the greatest.
Thank God Obama is President! And yes, how did we survive W and (shudder) Cheney?
I may quibble with certain details of policy, but Obama is without doubt the best public speaker we've had since JFK. That was a beautiful eulogy, and worth watching the whole thing.
Having Clinton as president was kinda fun after 12 years of darkness, but having Obama as president is thrilling.
Raindrop, I may not feel this tomorrow considering the usual tone of your posts, but today I love you.

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