Council Member gadfly Jean Godden is all but counting on you not showing up to vote
(geezus -sigh-) and if, for example, you want there to be no Seattle City Council member devoted to women's issues, like defending maternity/sick leave and wage equality, then by all means follow Mr Herz into whatever alien preconceived/pro-Seattle-Times/anti-union notions he's dog-whistling-up here.
Sure, Jean Godden's old (there, I said it). But she's right on the issues far more often than she's wrong. We could do a lot worse.
Registration is totally optional and actually a waste of time in a one-party-town in a mostly one-party state.
I'm not telling your editor how to do their job but my partner got very excited after reading your headline about being able to vote online.
@4. Yep. Should be "last day to register online to vote".
@4 Thirded. Word order matters.

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