No endorsement in District 3? Hmmm. Probably has nothing to do with Barnett's strong dislike of Sawant, right?

It's not like higher wages has anything to do with whether a woman needs access to abortion, is it?
@2 @3 @5

Nice finds.

Stenography of Barnettian self-aggrandizement or just two people who didn't check their facts?
Corrections made. Appreciate keeping our snide comments to this post up.
An additional clarification: NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has endorsed in council races when we have identified a candidate as anti-choice. This is the first time we've made endorsement decisions in all council races regardless of whether an anti-choice candidate is running. The endorsements are made by our board and PAC board, and neither I nor any other staff member gets a vote.
@8: OK, got it. Every major candidate is pro-choice, but you just wanted to give your board members a chance to plug their friends. Next!
I'm not sure why Tim Burgess is deemed pro-choice since he's donated money to an anti-choice organization in the past.
Looks like Barnett's lack of fact checking has followed her to her new career.
If 100% of the candidates agree with Erica's new special interest podium 100% of the time, endorsements of a few seems to benefit Erica's special interests more than her employer.

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