That $16 mil should be spent on roads and infrastructure, not on nice-to-have warning systems for theoretical possibilities. I'd rather have secure bridges if the big one comes than a few minutes to pour myself a cocktail to enjoy the ride.

This should be funded by Property Tax.

If Sven Seattle and Wally Washington are too tight-fisted not to protect their own homes from a tsunami, then let them get washed away.

Sure wasn't any help with that city-wide monorail system attempt!

Be a bigger help if she would stop her 100% support of Wall Street and the Global Banking Cartel --- in other words, quit voting for the Trans-Pacific Partnership!
It does nothing to make up for her vote to fast-track TPP.
Do y'all even require residential seismic retrofitting? Might be a good first step.

@2 - There's already a tsunami warning center in place for the West Coast from Alaska to San Diego. I think what they want the money for is to monitor the Cascadia fault the way California monitors its on-shore faults, which has proven to work.
You people who are saying that you want this to fail because of "hype" are fucking idiots. God damn, just fucking idiots.

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