News Jul 29, 2015 at 4:00 am

The Key Witness for the Prosecution Is an Officer with a History of Troubles

The December 6 Black Lives Matter protest: An arrest that day could put a protester—and one cop’s history—on trial. Alex Garland


< eye roll >
I have family members who are cops. I have people I went to school with who are cops. I have team-mates from sports teams who are cops.
No reason anybody should trust cops None of them.
They've even got a word for it.
This was all great background info for what is bound to become a storm of brief / opinionated / fluff pieces on an upcoming trial. More on the victim would be appreciated.

Also, the youtube link to the pepper spray incident is not working. Please fix asap.
please stop using "Deep Dive".
@1 I haven't heard testilying before, thanks for that great portmanteau!
Cops who lie undermine our entire system of justice. That's why every last on of them needs to be weeded out, and police departments need to hire staff members with impeccable integrity who are capable of experiencing compassion for regular people, and will maintain constant awareness that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS.
I didn't even know Mahoney ever made it out of that academy!
I don't know how much of those past things will be admissible in Loranger's actual trial, but this guy seems like someone whose name could use a little dragging through the mud in public opinion.
@7, I think they can be used to establish the arresting officer's credibility or lack thereof.
no pictures of this miscreant ,,i wonder how many more they got in the woodwork like this one
You can shame the Cop all you want. He's Fair Game. But if the guy, Loranger did it. Then it shouldn't matter how terrible Mahoney is. One shouldn't get a Free Pass from the law just because a bad cop is involved. Guilty is Guilty.
Well this bit of writing won't be winning Kiley a Pulitzer. What a crap article. It would be great to hear more about the actual case, maybe do some real reporting and see what bystanders had to say? Talk to other protesters? A whole page dedicated to cop shaming under the guise of supporting the 'Black Lives Matter' movement? There are so many ways this story could have been told in a more compelling and relevant way. Just worth a mention, its also pretty unprofessional to print a domestic violence victims name.
+1, 14

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