Please tell me Maddux is throwing down meth wrapped in Canadian dollar bills...because ROB FORD!!!
I hope the first step in Ms. Sawant's post-victory Socialist revolution will be to nationalize the Sitka & Spruce mis en place and release them to the working class people of the world!
FYI - Morgan Beach is my favorite Gorillaz album.
Oh, wait...
Sawant totally crushing in first drop and Godden not making it out of the primary. And Grant v. Burgess. And now the wait until tomorrow afternoon.
I love Socialist Kshama speaks in the royal we. Now that's genuine progressivism!
Golden doesn't make it out of the primary. There is hope for humanity.
@7 - Golden Showers???
And Burgess has to be upset at the first drop. That's a sad showing.
@8, I blame autocorrect for the Godden showers.
@9, Yes, Tim's 48% to Grant's 28% is sad, which makes Sawant's 50% to Banks' 35% downright dangling on the edge.
Oh dear, that Sawant buffet really is the definition of grim, isn't it? Put those oranges in a pretty thrift shop bowl, and don't be so corporate with the arrangement of those horrid crackers. And you just know the liquor is gallons of Paul Masson and unironically served PBR, all at room temperature.

I'm all for Socialism, but can't it have a little pizzazz? It looks like a AA holiday party in the basement of some church in one of North Dakota's lesser metropolises during a bad crop year.
Sawant is such an amazingly consistent character. The royal we! Calling out the corporate masters! Four more years! Four more years! Or however long city council terms are!
And I still don't get: (1) Why Roderick ran for position #8 and (2) Why positions 8 & 9 are separate elections. It's just weird that the person in third place for #8 could -- and probably will -- have more votes than the person who gets second place in #9.
"It's not all about money".... but Goldy also contributed $700 to Sawant. I understand that his book about her won't sell as well if she loses so maybe that's a self-serving contribution that's not about money, somehow.
"On the way to Mike O'Brien's party in Freemont."
No D5 visit by the SECB ?
You missed the local hand made bacon and sausages at Mike's party, from Carl's Cutting Board, it was tasty.
Deep space 9 IS star trek, ya stoners.
That's got to hurt for Jean though. It wasn't that long ago she was the "badass bitch" around the SECB and now she's on the way out.
There's a sad sort of clanging
From the clock in the hall...
Sawant and Burgess will have four more years to be pissed off at each other!
Congrats for Tim Burgess. A lone voice of reason remains on the City Council.

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