Late-arriving ballots are favoring council candidates on the left, like incumbent Kshama Sawant.
Late-arriving ballots are favoring council candidates on the left, like incumbent Kshama Sawant. Kelly O

With about 43,500 more ballots counted in King County, the elections office has released the latest list of frontrunners from Tuesday's primary election. Nothing has changed about which city council candidates will make it through to this November's general election, but lefties Kshama Sawant, Jon Grant, and Lisa Herbold widened their margins slightly.

While ballots will continue to be counted, these numbers should cement a few things: Sawant is likely to hold more than 50 percent of the vote, and Herbold is likely to come out on top in the race for the seat representing West Seattle. Incumbent council president Tim Burgess slipped to about 46 percent of the vote as late voters favored tenant advocate Jon Grant. (Who's now just above 30.)

In District 4, incumbent Jean Godden continues to trail challengers Rob Johnson and Michael Maddux. Seeing this, Godden just announced that she's conceding:

Makes sense. Maddux has been crunching the numbers in his race specifically based on each day's new drop of ballots, and they've been looking good for him. About 4,000 new ballots from that district have been counted since yesterday. Maddux's percentages keep rising in each drop:

Here's where things stand all in all:

District 1 (West Seattle)

Lisa Herbold: 30.07%
Shannon Braddock: 27.97%
Phillip Tavel: 18.07%

District 2 (southeast):

Bruce Harrell: 62.04%
Tammy Morales: 24.67%
Josh Farris: 12.87%

District 3 (Capitol Hill, Central District)

Kshama Sawant: 51.76%
Pamela Banks: 34.38%
Rod Hearne: 9.75%

District 4 (northeast)

Rob Johnson: 33.17%
Michael Maddux: 24.48%
Jean Godden: 19.81%

District 5 (north)

Debora Juarez: 39.40%
Sandy Brown: 19.94%
Halei Watkins: 14.25%

District 6 (northwest)

Mike O'Brien: 59.17%
Catherine Weatbrook: 22.31%
Jon Lisbin: 13.09%

District 7 (downtown)

Sally Bagshaw: 76.79%
Deborah Zech-Artis: 13.32%
Gus Hartmann: 9.27%

Position 8 (citywide)

Tim Burgess: 46.14%
Jon Grant: 30.61%
John Roderick: 15.81%

Position 9 (citywide)

Lorena González: 65.14%
Bill Bradburd: 14.91%
Alon Bassok: 9.12%

In the race for an open seat on the port commission, two people running on anti-pollution platforms continue to lead. That is a big fucking deal.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 2

Courtney Gregoire: 83.01%
Goodspaceguy: 8.97%
John Naubert: 7.49%

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 5

Fred Felleman: 24.55%
Marion Yoshino: 18.09%
Richard Pope: 15.68%

Oh yeah, there are a couple school board races too. Here's how those look:

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 3

Jill Geary: 47.14%
Lauren McGuire: 46.33%
Stephen J. Clayton: 5.10%

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 6

Leslie Harris: 47.87%
Marty McLaren: 38.13%
Nick Esparza: 13.54%

And and don't forget director of elections:

Julie Wise: 63.07%
Zack Hudgins: 21.51%
Christopher Roberts: 15.17%

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