Well, we've had a president of the United States who had a prior DUI offense, hence it doesn't seem prudent to not give Ms. Juarez a chance.
How convenient that the DUI news came out 3 days AFTER the Primary for the Times- and Stranger-endorsed Juarez. Great investigative journalism, guys!
Did You Know 5,000 State Lawmakers and Staffers Are in Town?

Also known as A.L.E.C. comes to Seattle; shame you couldn't have reported on that, huh, Groover?

@3 Agreed on timing, but didn't the Stranger endorse Sandy Brown for the 5th?
Sorry, @2
DUI is the same as attempted premeditated murder. I've had two friends of mine murdered by drunk drivers. This should be an easy disqualification for any elected office.
@4: Nope. They endorsed Juarez because she reminded them of Rihanna. Seriously. The Stranger's endorsements this cycle were the worst in memory.
"Cruz is such a dickwad"? Aren't they ALL dickwads?
@3: the Times article says it's National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), which is "Bi-Partisan". where did you get ALEC?
Shell wins AGAIN! Eff greenpeace.
Watch for surprises in the next 5 months, I promise to leave with a bang not a whimper!

Did Jean Godden just threaten to blow something up?
@11 - More like she plans to go to Oz in a hot air balloon.
Godden (tweet) on going postal: "I promise to leave with a bang not a whimper!"

Does she own any guns?
Should the authorities get involved?
Should she be placed on a watchlist?
@11 I enjoyed reading her tweet aloud in "Joker" voice.
@14 - ME TOO. The only question now is what kind of supervillain will Jean Godden be? Does Phoenix Jones finally have a reason to exist?

It was written plain as day in the contrails made by the Blue Angels. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!
That'd better be Romero Joker or Ledger Joker. None of that Nicholson Joker crap.
If she were running for Seattle School Board, I can see how we might care. But since many shorter women can become DUI after one drink, don't see how it's an issue.

Meanwhile, if the rest of our state thinks they can pay the bills without Seattle, which they can't, they're welcome to jump into the sound.
And Hillary and Bernie and Obozzo are SOOO better by comparison?
So Murray wants to ban hookah lounges, but didn't seem to know that several mostly white clubs in the city also allow smoking because they are also "members only"? Surprise, surprise.
Once again, a white, upperclass liberal thinks he knows what's best for minority communities. The same racist douchebag mindset that lead to Europeans colonizing African and Asia "to help those backwards natives" is now being employed by the white liberal establishment to "help the minority communities who can't help themselves."
And how many shootings have happened at regular bars and nightclubs in the city?
#10: It's always nice to see someone who is thoroughly against the underdog.
@20: Murray's policy is awful, but I don't see how it's a liberal cause since most liberals I know oppose the ban. But I admire the sheer level of hyperbole in the rest of the post, the almost insane leap from one white politician trying to close down hookah lounges to slavery and colonialism. I can't tell if you're dumb, lazy or just trolling.
#19: Sadly yes, they actually are much better, by almost astronomical distances. And that's really pretty tragic.
There's the DUI when you forget to signal changing lanes, and get popped for a fishy .08 after having a couple glasses of wine with dinner; then there's one where you get totally shitfaced (and .18 is unquestionably that) and crash into a fucking guard rail. She must have had a crack legal team on this, as anything in excess of .15 is usually known as "extreme" DUI in Washington state and ordinarily carries stiffer penalties.

In my view, this should totally disqualify her.
And furthermore, this just happened in 2012. Maybe, MAYbe, if this occurred 20 years ago when she was a dumb kid, it could be excused. But this? No fucking way.
@20: Ah, it's the old "liberals are all racists and every liberal cause is inherently racist" line you like to drop sometimes. Go ahead and remind me about how white and bourgeoise I am and how I'm (according to your uneducated ass) super duper terrified of black people.
(By the way, businesses that are "members only" are regulated differently from businesses that serve the general public. That is nothing new.)
@18, Former Councilmember Sally Clark ran over somebody on a bike breaking a number of the bicyclists bones. She did so in Tacoma in per personal vehicle while in her official capacity as a Councilmember. The City is going to pay. Now imagine how much higher that payout would have been if Councilmember Clark had a prior DUI in her record in the last decade and she was not drunk but had one drink under her belt and was still under the legal limit. The Plaintiff's Attorney would be having a huge field day and the payout would be even bigger. The argument would be that she may not have been criminally drunk but the alcohol impaired her just enough. The City new of her record and did not require her to take a cab, transit, have a driver, or blow in breathalizer every time went somewhere on City business and they should have given their knowledge of the Councilmembers DUI history. So yeah, its relevant. You people bitch about cop payouts in civil matters. What about payouts because of the actions of elected officials on official business or payouts because of the acts or omissions by other employees?

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